Trailer Debut – Beware The Shadow People

Here at DC we’re always on the lookout for something cool for you guys to be made aware of, and such is the case with twenty-year-old filmmaker Conrad Faraj’s feature film The Shadow People.

The flick has been in production since October, 2009, and like many young directors, Faraj is wearing many hats. In this case he serves as writer, executive producer, and director. That’s a lot of work, but for Conrad it’s a labor of love.

“I just turned 20 years old and have been making films since 2003, and since then I have produced over 120 shorts, documentaries, and music videos,” Faraj tells us. “The Shadow People is my first feature film. I have a loving passion with horror films, and I gained a lot of inspiration from the classic masterful works of the New Hollywood filmmakers like Roman Polanski, William Friedkin, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, and Steven Spielberg. The Shadow People is a tribute to that style of narrative filmmaking. I consider TSP to be a very smart thriller with a gore-filled climax. It is a mix of Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen.”

The Shadow People was independently financed by Faraj and co-producer Meg Quisenberry. With a budget of just somewhere around $2,000, the film stars in her feature film debut Joanne Wurm and co-stars the great villain in Robert Rodriguez’ El Mariachi, Peter Marquardt. Not too shabby!

Check out a still and some early poster art below, and for the trailer dig around on Conrad Studios Online. Faraj has hidden the trailer there virally (or if you’re lazy, just look below).

For more information visit The Shadow People Facebook fan page!

Enough talk! Dig on the goods after the break!

After waking from a 9-month coma, a teenage girl named Bethany Ryder becomes haunted by demonic visions and shadow-like beings during the night. She soon finds out, through the means of a prophecy from the Book of Satan, that she is carrying a baby to be condemned as the Antichrist. Bethany, along with the help of her friends, must find a way to prevent its birth as well as end the visions, which soon become more real – in the form of Shadow People. From Conrad Faraj’s directorial debut comes a story of light and darkness … and one girl’s incredible story of salvation and damnation.

Trailer Debut - Beware The Shadow People

Trailer Debut - Beware The Shadow People

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