Full Lineup for Grimm Up North 2010

After careful consideration and a lot of hard work, the Grimm Up North team have announced their full festival lineup for 2010. Festival passes are still available for only £75, and individual tickets for all the main screenings will be on sale starting October 1st.

A festival pass provides access to the whole lineup of films, seminars, features, events and more with the exception of the Gala Opening Night events, tickets for which will also be available to purchase separately soon.

Here are all the details on the event, which runs October 28-31 in Manchester, England:

Full Lineup for Grimm Up North 2010THE GALA OPENING NIGHT
Thursday 28th October, The Dancehouse/Odder Bar

We kick off with a special showing of the 1964 horror/sci-fi classic LAST MAN ON EARTH starring Vincent Price – all set to live music from Animat. The electronica collective have been adding their audiological special sauce to movies for some time now, so we’ve invited them along to kick things off in spectacular style!

The special opening night Gala brings us the Northwest premiere of new Irish horror OUTCAST. Starring James Nesbitt (The Deep/Jekyll), Karen Gillan (Doctor Who), Therese Bradley (Young Adam) and James Cosmo (Highlander), this stylish psychological horror tells the story of a doomed romance between two young lovers as they are forced to deal with a community obsessed with bringing down a terrifying beast which has been killing locals.

Members of the cast and crew will be with us to answer questions afterwards.

Then, join us next door at Odder – our official festival bar – for the Opening Night After Party.

Full Lineup for Grimm Up North 2010

Films will run from the Friday: 2pm – 1.30am. Saturday: midday – 1.30am. Sunday: Midday – 8pm. The festival pass allows access to all these screenings. Exact schedule, TBC.

* AMER (France/Belgium) Northern Premiere
A love letter to the giallo genre and the work of such masters as Argento and Bava, Amer is a film that has been blazing a trail of its very own recently playing to a number of thrilled international festival audiences.

* ALIEN VS. NINJA (Japan) Northern Premiere
If you like aliens and you like ninjas, well, you know the rest. What would happen if a team of elite Japanese swordsmen came face to face with an army of terrifying bloodthirsty beasties in a beautiful forest location?

Full Lineup for Grimm Up North 2010* BEDEVILLED (South Korea) Northern Premiere
A dark tale of revenge, Bedevilled shows us the life of a young woman who has been beaten down by life and those around her for many years on a small island. A challenging watch during its opening couple of acts, but Bedevilled will give you a climactic release you won’t forget anytime soon.

* THE PACK (LA MEUTE) (France) Northern Premiere
In a snowy no man’s land, loner Charlotte picks up a hitchhiker, Max, for security after being hassled by a motorbike gang. When Max goes missing, Charlotte’s investigations lead her into a world of fear. Little does she know that she is being set up to take part in an unholy ritual! Visually arresting, Franck Richard’s debut feature follows in the sick and slick tradition of recent French horror fare.

* CHOP (USA) UK Premiere
A wonderfully trashy grindhouse late-nighter, Chop is a blacker than black comedy which takes on the world of torture porn movies like Saw and Hostel. The directorial debut of Deadgirl screenwriter Trent Haaga, this is a weird little left-field shocker that will nail you to your chair.

* DEEP RED (Italy) New release
What better way to honour the upcoming high definition re-release of Dario Argento’s 1975 classic Deep Red than offering our Grimmlins the chance to see it on the big screen? Known to many by its original title Profondo Rosso, this is the film that helped to cement its director as a genre legend.

* DREAM HOME (Hong Kong) Northern Premiere
What if you were prepared to do anything to get the house you’ve always dreamed of? Well, that’s the attitude of Cheng Li-sheung, a young, professional woman who will brutally murder anyone who threatens her investment… and when I say brutally, I do mean brutally. We guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this.

* EVIL – IN THE TIME OF HEROES (Greece) English Premiere
A cheeky and innovative new take on the zombie genre – the story of a battle between humankind and zombiekind that has raged for thousands of years – with, erm, hilarious results. In addition, it also features Billy Zane as a mysterious undead-slaying prophet… so what more could you ask for?

* FRAGMENT (Australia)
When Lloyd takes photographs of dead people, he can bring them back to life… either that, or he’s experiencing hallucinations brought about by cerebral damage. When a dead serial killer and one of his victims are resurrected, Lloyd falls for the victim and is forced to save her – leading to some tense horror and even a little necrophilic romance!

* FINALE (USA) Northern Premiere
After the unexpected death of one of their own, a bereaved family start to fall apart at the seams. What is the truth behind this mysterious world in which nothing is what it seems – and who is the mysterious soul collector who seems to be at the heart of it all? If you like dark, intense, Gothic supernatural thrills, Finale will be right up your alley.

* 13 HRS (UK) Northern premiere
A British horror starring some favourites from the world of TV and film (Hollyoaks’ Gemma Atkinson and Harry Potter’s Tom Felton), 13 HRS is the story of a group of teenagers who find themselves terrorised by a mysterious beast that is stalking the grounds of a decaying stately home. They are forced to put their differences aside and work together or face being torn limb from limb by the terrifying force that waits in the darkness.

Full Lineup for Grimm Up North 2010

* PRIMAL (Australia) Northern Premiere
We all know evil lives in the woods and nature should be treated with respect, but some kids just never learn. In Primal, six teenagers who clearly haven’t seen Cabin Fever head out into the wild for a weekend of thrills that typically turn into horrifying chills. A terrifying and primordial evil takes hold turning them into rabid neanderthals that crave blood and flesh!

* THE REEDS (UK) Premiere
A bunch of 20-somethings head out for a weekend boating trip, but soon find themselves part of a deadly game at the hands of some locals. The group end up way off course and, once deep into the reeds, become easy prey for their pursuers. A great British offering, The Reeds is a wonderfully shot and performed slice of horror that makes the most of a limited budget.

* REEL ZOMBIES (Canada) English Premiere
A mockumentary that invites the viewer to watch as a hapless team of film-makers create the third film in their ‘Zombie Night’ trilogy. However, as the group are already living in a world where real Zombies roam, they decide to use the recently deceased as their cast. Big laughs, big explosions and big breasts, Reel Zombies is an absolute zom-com gem that is dripping with originality!

* SLICE (Thailand) UK Premiere
Bizarrely combining elements of Seven and Slumdog Millionaire, Slice is a tense and powerful horror-thriller that provides a sucker punch of an ending which will leave you reeling with your jaw on the floor. As intense in its modern day scenes as it is beautiful in its flashbacks, this is a fantastic opportunity to see a movie that truly deserves some serious attention.

Full Lineup for Grimm Up North 2010* WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (Mexico) Northern premiere
Already created a fantastic buzz on the festival circuit and will now be heading to Manchester to give North West audiences the chance to see what all the fuss is about. We Are What We Are has been cited by some as having done for the cannibal genre what Let The Right One In did for vampires. Along the way, this family drama goes to some very dark places and combines a rich, engaging plot with some fresh ideas and a heart-wrenching climax.

There’s one spot we have on our schedule that we aren’t quite ready to announce just yet! Rest assured, this is a movie we are very proud to have on board and can’t wait to share with you – watch this space!

For 2010 we introduce the ‘Breakout Room’, where there will be all kinds of great things happening over the course of the festival. If you fancy something extra between movies, or need to take a break from the main screen, you will be well catered for.

We’ll showcase some very special low budget indie movies, documentaries, short films, talks and seminars and will screen some great items that we simply couldn’t fit into our main schedule. Among these will be Sweatshop, a US film described by Buried.com as “a brutal horror that makes Saw look like it was produced by Disney”; Chased By Satan, a darkly funny Indonesian cross between The Ring and Final Destination; and Dead Hooker in a Trunk, an underground Canadian grindhouse movie directed, written by and starring identical twins Jen and Sylvia Soska with bags of punk rock attitude. This is the place to find those rare hidden gems by up and coming talent.


This year, we will again be giving our Grimmlins a special sneak peek at an upcoming title – Splatterhouse. This latest guts-and-gore-fest from Namco Bandai brings the original 1988 arcade classic kicking and screaming into the world of modern console gaming, and we’re delighted to be able to host it at our festival! As the title that first earned a “parental advisory” video game stamp, we are particularly excited to see what people think of its latest incarnation. Splatterhouse appears at Grimm ahead of its actual release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.


Finally, when the projectors stop rolling on Sunday 31st, the festivities will be far from over!

Halloween night will see the first ever Grimm Up North Awards Party, where, beginning at 8.30 pm, we’ll be announcing the winners of our inaugural ceremony while celebrating over a few beers. As our official festival bar, Odder have also arranged some very special food and drink deals for pass holders and revellers.

Our friends at Zombie Aid will also be hosting their Halloween parade through Manchester from 6.00 pm so expect to see thousands of undead revellers. Click here for more info.

Plus, there will be an After After Party at The Ruby Lounge, where festival ticket or pass holders get reduced price access to The Haunted House Party running from 8.30 pm till 3.00 am. Click here for more info.

Two More Grimm Up North 2010 Films Announced

Manchester’s Dancehouse Theatre situated on Oxford Road opposite the BBC will be home to Grimm Up North 2010. The luscious art deco theatre and the building’s haunting hallways contain a range of great onsite facilities and are in close proximity to a large selection of nearby bars with one of Europe’s busiest bus routes on its doorstep.

Keep up-to-date on all the latest, including all the special guests and exhibitions, via the official Grimm Up North website, befriend them on Facebook, and of course, follow them on Twitter.

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