Trailer for Killjoy 3 and a DVD Release Date

Charles Band’s evil clown flick Killjoy came out in 2000. A sequel followed in 2002. I was under the impression that these films were not exactly warmly received, certainly not enough to warrant a third installment eight years later. However, if you are a fan and have been clamoring impatiently for more evil urban clown antics, then the arrival of the trailer for Killjoy 3 should make your day.

There’s not only a trailer for Killjoy 3, but also a December 14th DVD release date has been announced. Full Moon Direct will even have Killjoy box sets available for Halloween.

John Lechago (Blood Gnome, Bioslime) handles the writing and directing duties on behalf of Charles Band for this Full Moon offering. The exact plot remains unknown other than the below summary from YouTube. What is known is that it was apparently filmed in China and Trent Haaga returns as the titular killer clown, who, having never seen a Killjoy movie and only going by what I see in this trailer, appears to be the hellspawn offspring of Tim Curry’s sinister clown from Stephen King’s It and comedian Carrot Top.

Four college students on spring break cross paths with the demon clown Killjoy. And Killjoy is not going it alone this time – he has raised three other demon clowns: Punchy, Freakshow and Batty Boop. A mysterious mirror transports the students and the demons to Killjoy’s demon realm where the students must survive diabolical trials!

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  • Genrewriter

    This looks like something that could have been cheesy fun if it were being made by the Charles Band from twenty five years ago. Sadly, Empire Pictures went belly up a long, long time ago.