10 Years Releases “Shoot It Out” Promotional Video

We’re still working out how much or how little to cover the music scene on Dread Central, but when new songs and/or videos that seem to be tailored to the genre crowd come out, we figure we’ll let you guys know about them, and then you can choose to either check them out or pass. So, to help kick off your weekend, here is “Shoot It Out”, a promotional video for 10 Years’ forthcoming album Feeding the Wolves.

10 Years is comprised of Jesse Hasek – vocals, Ryan “Tater” Johnson – guitar, Lewis Cosby – bass, and Brian Vodinh – guitar/drums.

Feeding the Wolves thunders out from their storm-charred legacy as the heaviest album they’ve made in nearly a decade, a gift to loyal fans long promised darker hues from the Tennessee band, and maybe a much needed ‘opening’ for a rock world starving for some kick-ass direction of late. Ominous songs such as “Shoot It Out,” “The Wicked Ones,” and “Now Is The Time” sound and feel as if they can stop bullets, spreading the kind of musical shards and shrapnel that only a band in peak, 10 Years’ condition can deliver.

10 Years Releases Shoot It Out Promotional Video

“I’ve enjoyed every album we’ve made for different reasons,” says Jesse. “We never want to make the same record twice, but this one started with a kind of aggressive edge and ended with that same energy that really felt special. We worked hard not to take that ‘edge’ off. We kept the integrity of the songs by keeping them aggressive.” Lewis seconds the notion: “We’ve been saying for years we wanted to get back to a heavier, darker sound, and then by the time we’d go into the studio, things would change. This time nothing changed. There was always that kick-ass feeling in the room, coupled with some things we haven’t done before.”

And as fate would have it, inspirational flames were also heating up the 10 Years furnace courtesy of the rehearsal room next door. “They probably don’t even know what it meant to us, but Rage Against the Machine was playing in the room next to us,” says Jesse. “We could just feel the sound coming out of the there. You have to understand, they, along with bands like Metallica and Nirvana and the Deftones, were what we grew up on. To hear them killing it like that – I know it affected us.”

See if you can hear a bit of Rage’s influence in “Shoot It Out”, and if it’s up your alley, then pre-order your copy of Feeding the Wolves from the EvilShop below in advance of its August 31st release.

10 Years Releases Shoot It Out Promotional Video

10 Years is currently on the road alongside Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, Sevendust, and Chevelle. Visit the official 10 Years website for tour details as well as news and updates from the band.

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