The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Starfish Hitler

I’ll say it again. Whenever you’re looking for a perfect WTF video for Friday, there’s no place better to turn than Japanese television. One of the most popular Japanese superheroes is the insectoid motorcycle-riding, ascot-wearing, high-kicking Kamen Rider. And only in Japan will you find a kid’s show where the villain is a genetic hybrid of Adolph Hitler and a starfish.

Kamen Rider is not as well known to Western audiences as “Ultraman” or the “Power Rangers”, and even if it was, would American television allow a children’s superhero program where one of the bad guys is a humanoid starfish with the bluish face of Adolph Hitler and a big swastika carved into its chest?

1974’s Kamen Rider X was the third incarnation of the still popular sentai series, and Adolph Hitler was not the only man of infamy to get the animal monster hybrid treatment for Kamen Rider X to kick back to hell. The Kamen Rider X series also boasted Genghis Khan Condor, Spider Napoleon, Ant Capone, Scorpion Geronimo, Tiger Nero, and Leech Dracula, amongst others. Though I have not seen any of these other historical hybrid horrors, I cannot imagine any of them can elict anywhere near the degree of WTF-ness you’re about to see in the clip below.

Special thanks to Brian Gaugler for tipping me off to the existence of Starfish Hitler. Have a suggestion for our WTF Friday Video of the Week? Click my name below and send it on over. If it makes us giggle or just plain confuses us, we’ll include it! Rock on!

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