The Consequence Finally Getting Ready to Shoot

The Consequence Finally Getting Ready to ShootFilmmaking can be a very tricky process. Even movies with huge studio backing can end up languishing in obscurity for one reason or another. It can be even tougher for indie films. Kicking around for the last few years is Amanda Evans’ psychological thriller The Consequence. While no official start date is in sight, it looks like it is finally going to happen.

While the film is currently still in development, according to the official Amanda Evans website, Evans hopes to shoot by the end of the year. We’ll keep our ears to the ground.

“The pic is an unnerving, high-paced thriller set in the Karoo desert of South Africa. Eva Haines, a passionate and headstrong American palaeontologist, has been sent to the 250m-year-old desert on an assignment to find fossil evidence that could reveal important information on global warming. Her daughter and son accompany her.

The town Diehel is anything but welcoming as Eva and her family’s presence starts to stir the dark secrets of its scarred past. Eva, a scientist torn between the passion for her work and being a mother, is about to uncover a secret so profound it shakes the very foundations of science and evolution. A new strain of intelligence has emerged, genetically unrelated to humans and savage in its fight for dominance. Eva and her family are caught in a primal battle of natural selection in a town whose hands are soaked in blood.

Hitchcock’s The Birds meets Steven King’s Cujo, THE CONSEQUENCE offers a contemporary and intelligent take on fear in a haunting setting with a never seen before antagonist, the Chacma Baboon. Baboons are chilling, powerful creatures with even the smallest gesture appearing calculated and darkly human.

This genre film promises to push the boundaries as it explores violence through multi-faceted characters. One of the questions this film asks is: Who do you choose to be as an individual when you are faced by an unpredictable savage intelligence that mirrors the violence of your own collective back at you?

The fact that one of the first homo sapiens walked out of this region of Africa posed the very real possibility that as thousands of years pass, another form of intelligence would be taking its own natural path of evolution. After all, wouldn’t it be arrogant to assume that nature would not choose to evolve another high intelligence?

Now, in a world where man has reached a heightened state of violence, vulnerability and a disregard for his planet, how will he define himself against this primal, savage troop in an ultimate fight of natural selection?

THE CONSEQUENCE promises to be a genre film that will take you on a journey, one that will open your mind as well as terrify and entertain.”

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