Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne, and Michael Berryman Experience an Outrage Born in Terror

Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne, and Michael Berryman Experience an Outrage Born in TerrorJust when I was thinking Swamp Shark would be the loopiest trailer I’d report on today, I come across this trailer for the new thriller Outrage Born in Terror starring Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne, and Michael Berryman coming to DVD in September. It starts out looking like a typical thriller about people being hunted in the woods by crazy rednecks, but then … Just watch for yourself.

Originally merely titled Outrage until Phase 4 Films decided to add the phrase “Born in Terror” to make it one of the most oddly sounding titles in quite a while, the DVD for this backwoods thriller directed and co-written by Ace Cruz (Desert of Death) is slotted for a September 14th release. The only DVD extra will be the film’s trailer, and what a trailer it is.

Christine takes her best friend with another couple for a final vacation when she goes to close up and sell her family’s hunting lodge in the remote woods of Northern Georgia…but it’s also the scene of her worst childhood trauma. Things get worse when it turns out the lodge is in use as a hideout by an ex-military sniper, Farragut, and his three accomplices, the Loomis brothers, who just escaped from a military prison. A hostage situation turns to hunting human prey as Christine and her friends Molly and Jack escape into the woods – the sadistic killers picking them off one-by-one, with Christine confronting worse and worse fears at every turn, realizing, and finally learning after meeting a medicine healer, Obeah …it’s her own fears that have drawn this nightmare upon her. And only if she overcomes them can she save her life and sanity. The spiritual message of the movie is based on “The Law of Attraction”.

I don’t see anything in that synopsis that explains the scene in the trailer of the guy getting struck by lightning and his spirit leaving his body. Take a look at this sometimes laughably cut trailer for Outrage Born in Terror. I love how the trailer introduces Michael Berryman and then immediately fades to him dying on the floor with a knife in his chest.

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