Box of Shadows Composer Named

Every good horror movie needs a good score to accompany it to help bring on the shivers, and today some good news just broke tune-wise for Mauro Borrelli’s upcoming spooker Box of Shadows.

From the Press Release
Christopher Young, the musical maestro behind HELLRAISER, has applied his talents to a new box, Mauro Borrelli’s BOX OF SHADOWS.

Young also composed the music for THE GRUDGE, GHOST RIDER, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, SPIDER-MAN III, and many other projects both in and out of the horror genre. He loaned his skills to BOX OF SHADOWS as a way to give back to the genre that got him started.

“I watched an early cut of the film and loved what I saw,” said Young. “I got my start in horror movies and still love those kinds of films, so I was happy to accept producer Ed Polgardy’s invitation to create the main theme for the movie and the evil music box.”

BOX OF SHADOWS tells the story of a group of college-age friends who find a mechanical coffin that allows them to experience the world as ghosts. Music plays an important role in the film because the coffin contains a mysterious music box that, when activated, triggers the ghost transformations.

“I only show Chris something if I know it’s special, and this movie is,” said Polgardy. “We asked him to do the main theme of the film, but I knew he’d he be tempted to create the dark lullaby for the music box as well, because he’s always been fascinated with the haunting sounds you can get from those types of devices.”

Young developed the main theme and several coffin themes, which are being utilized by the movie’s other composer, José J. Herring. Young is currently working on PRIEST for director Scott Stewart and producer Sam Raimi. Director Mauro Borrelli was thrilled to get Young on board, since he has been a fan of his work for many years.

“When I was putting together the music for my last film, HAUNTED FOREST, I had my composer listen to Chris’s scores for EMILY ROSE and THE GRUDGE as an example of the kind of sound I wanted,” said Borrelli. “So to have Chris actually helping us with this project is really a dream come true.”

BOX OF SHADOWS is currently in post-production and slated for release later this year.

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New and Improved Box of Shadows Website and Trailer

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