San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Let Me In Footage Description

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Let Me In Footage DescriptionAndrew Kasch just wrote in from the Let Me In panel with a description of the two clips that were shown here at the San Diego Comic-Con. Ready to find out what you missed?

“The first clip was a clip from Owen and Abby on their “first date” at an arcade and a 7/11. Owen gives Abby some “human” candy which she promptly vomits up. The two share a tender moment(!).

The second clip is a different spin on the father’s (Richard Jenkins) botched killing and capture. He climbs into the back seat of someone’s car parked at a gymnasium (shades of the old urban legend) and is surprised when his intended victim decides to give someone else a lift home. Stopping at a gas station, the father whacks the passengers and attempts to drive off in a moment of panic, accidentally flying off a curb and into a ditch (an amazing one-take interior shot). As help arises, he reaches into his backpack and douses his own face with a canister of acid so as not to be identified.

Look for more soon, including an exclusive interview with Chloe Moretz!

Uncle Creepy

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