Foycast 9 – Tar Balls to the Wall!

Foycast 9The greatest show about nothing since “Seinfeld” was canceled is back for its ninth installment. Tar balls may be the order of the day on the Gulf Coast where I roam, but this Foycast is more like a tar ball rolling downhill, building up momentum more and more as it goes on. My co-host Uncle Creepy started out ultra surly, but by the end he was all sunshine and rainbows after a giddy hour tripping down so-bad-it’s-good movie memory lane. “Let’s do the hustle!

After opening up discussing the oil spill currently threatening my hometown (tar balls, people!), talk moves on to contemplating why this summer movie season just plain sucks. Expect to hear more about the new Karate Kid movie than you ever thought you would on a podcast on a website called Dread Central. I’ll also tell you a bit about my obsession with Karate Kid knock-off films.

After that is when the tar ball rolling downhill achieves breakneck speed and destroys everything in its path, as I tell Creepy and all of you about the unsung awesomeness of Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal, an incredible motion picture that’s like Die Hard on a jumbo jet but if Marilyn Manson was John McClane and the terrorist hijackers were satanists trying to bring about the end of the world.

More? You want more? I Come in Peace! Split Second! No Retreat, No Surrender! Just a few of the other great slices of cinematic cheese we reminisce about.

And just when you think you’re safe – we talk Birdemic!

Somebody call the doctor ’cause it’s another hour of Foycast goodness. Some of you people actually listen to this crap. Some of you actually beg for more of this crap. Well, here you go. Now let’s do the hustle, dammit!

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    • Genrewriter

      Good stuff. The action movie talk is right up my alley as I’ve been writing about the darn things for about two and a half years now. The fact that I Come in Peace isn’t available in Region 1 is a true crime against humanity in my opinion. God, what a magnificent movie!

    • James Coker

      Turbulence 3 is already in my Netflix queue

    • doubleh55

      I’m not entirely sure if Foy is even a good looking man, but I have a man crush on his lispy voice.

    • Styling Shatner

      Oh, and as for the episode, it was great stuff, as always. I was quite surprised to hear the Dr. Detroit theme song, but it was a pleasant surprise.

      I did not mind that much of the episode was about action films (especially low-budget ones) as hey, those can be a lot of fun to watch. I’ve seen I’ve Come In Peace before, and while I’m miffed there’s not a Region 1 DVD for it, at least you can easily find the entire film on YouTube.

      I haven’t seen any of the other movies discussed, but bizarrely enough, it was just yesterday that on another messageboard, someone brought up Turbulence 3 (because it had Gabrielle Anwar in it) and another person acted shocked that there was a Turbulence 2, let alone three. A third individual mentioned what the plot was and I got a big laugh out of the description. After hearing it described and finding the trailer to it on its IMDb page, I also agree that I need to see it.

      I am miffed that there’s no dates in Florida for Birdemic, as I really want to watch it. As you can say that Troll 2 (or maybe The Room, or heck, maybe both) is another Plan 9, Birdemic sounds like our generation’s Manos: The Hands of Fate!

      Anyway, I am glad that there’s a new Foycast and hopefully soon there’s a new edition of Dinner for Fiends.

    • GJW

      Heh. The beginning of this was funny. Hug it out UC….hug it out LOL. First Foycast I listened to,just like the last Dinner for Fiends was my first. I enjoyed both. Thanks guys!!!!!

      Formerly FireRam

      • Styling Shatner

        Well, I recommend that you go to the “Podcasts” section of the site (located on the top of the page) and listen to all of the DFF and Foycasts. You can even download them via podcastalleycom. If you loved the latest edition of both, then you’re certain to also love all the editions of DFF and the Foycast. Trust me on this.

    • Masked Slasher

      Turbulence 3 is amazing in every way, shape and form.

      This was a great ep, I laughed my ass off.