Scream 4 Gets Another Cast Member

Another interesting (and unconventional) piece of casting on the Scream 4 front came rolling in today. Read on for more details on what you can expect when the fourth entry in the slasher series stalks multiplexes next spring.

According to the Deep Said What blog, the Woodworth Middle School in Ann Arbor, Michigan has been cast as one of the previously glimpsed schools in a prior Scream flick.

While this may not be huge news in and of itself, let’s consider the possibilities: Will our resident slasher have gone to college with Sydney Prescott, or was s/he a fellow Woodsboro High student at the time that Stu and Billy carved up their classmates? Considering the Woodworth school is filling in for a previous location for flashback purposes, it seems likely that the plot will tie back into one of the first two films in the franchise. Dig on the picture below, and tell us what you think.

Personally, I couldn’t be more excited about Scream 4. With the ‘mainstream’ genre being in such shoddy shape, who better to take aim at all the pointless remakes, PG-13 junk and, of course, torture porn than Kevin Williamson? Do us proud, Kev, and don’t forget to take a few swipes at Rob Zombie and Platinum Dunes while you’re at it.

Someone needs to defend our beloved genre!

Scream 4 Gets Another Cast Member


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  • macready

    you know, i think of scream as poser horror.

    kinda like how girls think stuff like motley crue or bon jovi is heavy metal/hard rock.

    the third movie was pretty awful. and how long has it been since this came out? ten years?