Killer Online Double Feature on Friday!

100 Years of Monster MoviesNot doing anything special this weekend and looking to kick it off with a bang? Or in this case a shriek? Well, then fire up your PC and bust out your popcorn!

From the Press Release
Last week, 100YMM’s chatrooms were on fire as Ms. Monster and her Monster Melons hosted the weekly “Chat-Along” Double Feature Monstercast! 1940s cheesefests The Flying Serpent and The Devil Bat bookended almost four hours of madcap entertainment, featuring prerecorded and live bits by the lovely blue-skinned creature and her green skinned companions, plus trailers, cartoons and government warning films from the ’50s. Prizes were given out every 20 minutes or so and the attendance rivaled the original 3-day marathon that started it all back in March!

So, back by popular demand, Ms. Monster and the melons, “Tit” and “Tat” will be back for A COMPLETELY LIVE HOSTING GIG this Friday night, June 11, at 8PM EST! They’ll be hosting “Crazy People Night”, with a bit of a departure for monster movies, a double feaure of ’70s grindhouse sleazefests Driller Killer and Don’t Look In The Basement!

As a special added bonus, she’ll be joined LIVE IN-STUDIO by writer/actor/producer/director Alan Rowe Kelly (I’ll Bury You Tomorrow, The Blood Shed), who will be on hand to talk about his upcoming remake of Don’t Look In The Basement! In yet another act of digital calisthenics, Ms. Monster and her team will be interviewing Alan remotely from their set in San Francisco, while Alan sits in the dank, disgusting disheveled pit that is the SphereWerx/Fourth Castle studios in the aptly-named Hicksville, New York!

All the usual MONSTERCAST elements will be in play for what could be almost FIVE hours of cheesy goodness: trailers, cartoons, ’50s educational films, trivia and prizes! The two prizes being given away this Friday, in keeping with the ’70s serial killer theme, are the Mezco Cinema of Fear Series 3 “Leatherface” and “Hitchhiker” figures from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

This is shaping up to be the biggest night since the launch of 10YMM, and a bit more adult than usual, as there will be lots of cheap bright-red ’70s gore and perhaps a bit o’nudity, so make sure the kids get to bed on time!
The “door opens” at 7:45PM, when the player/chatroom window goes live on the 100YMM.com homepage. A loop of trailers will cease at 7:50, when classic drive-in “countdown to showtime” films take us right to the start of the show!”

Join Ms. Monster, the Melons, Alan Rowe Kelly and thousands of fellow monster movie mavens on Friday night, June 11 at 8:00PM Eastern Time (5:00PM Pacific) at 100YearsOfMonsterMovies.com (or 100ymm.com if you’re too lazy).

100 Tears of Monster Movies

100 Tears of Monster Movies

100 Tears of Monster Movies

100 Tears of Monster Movies

100 Tears of Monster Movies

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