MTV Scares Up Their Weekly Dose of Teen Wolf

MTV must really like the Russell Mulcahey-directed pilot for their CW-esque reinvention of Michael J. Fox’s 1985 werewolf comedy Teen Wolf because word is out that the network that actually used to run music video 24 hours a day – I know this might be hard for some of you youngsters to believe – has placed a 12-episode order for a weekly “Teen Wolf” series.

Many readers like to complain we write too many Twilight stories. I’m starting to feel that way about MTV’s “Teen Wolf” series. How many articles is this now? I can’t even bring myself to write the specifics yet again so just click here to read this previous story that explains how exactly MTV’s version has so little in common with the original film in both plot and tone that you have to wonder why exactly they’re bothering with the “Teen Wolf” name other than presumed name value. In fact, since there has yet to be a hint of footage from the pilot yet available, I’m just going to post below the uber corny intro to the “Teen Wolf” Saturday morning cartoon from the Eighties.

Anyway, Deadline Hollywood is reporting that MTV has ordered up approximately a dozen episodes of “Teen Wolf” to (I assume) debut on the network sometimes this fall.

“Criminal Minds” creator Jeff Davis wrote “Teen Wolf” for MTV and is executive producing the series with Rene Echevarria, Marty Adelstein, and Michael Thorn. Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, and Dylan O’Brien co-star on the show, which had already been staffing.

I’ve no doubt a program about a teenage boy whose world changes once he begins turning into a werewolf will make a wonderful companion piece for that other new MTV show about the unpopular nerdy teenager whose world changes when everyone at his high school hears about how incredibly well endowed he is. For real. I’m not making that last one up. MTV actually has a new show debuting this summer based entirely around the size of a teenage boy’s penis. And to think parental groups used to claim MTV was a bad influence on kids because the music videos were too racy.

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