Tales of an Ancient Empire Red-Band Trailer Debut and Full Synopsis

We’ve been talking about Albert Pyun’s Tales of an Ancient Empire for quite some time, and today we’re pleased to provide a look at the red-band trailer for the film along with a full detailed synopsis.

Click here for the official Tales of an Ancient Empire website, and be sure to keep tabs on Albert via Facebook, Twitter, and of course MySpace.

The movie begins with two blood-soaked female vampires standing ready to do battle, swords poised to strike at some unseen enemy. We hear the voice of KARA, an orphaned slave (Victoria Maurette), as she tells us about herself and TANIS, the Princess of Abelar (Melissa Ordway). How their fates were tied together since birth. And how the future of the world “hangs in the balance.” She takes us back to the moment when both girls learned of their destinies, “when a band of treasure seekers opened the tomb of a long dead vampire sorceress.”

The pirates accidentally resurrect XIA, the vampire sorceress (Whitney Able), and she immediately attacks the Abelar to exact revenge for reducing her to dust and killing her sorcerer father. Within the palace of Abelar, preparations are made for the impending attack. Queen Ma’at tells her sister, Princess Tanis, that Tanis’ “dreams have come to pass.” Tanis was born with ‘second sight’ that bring her visions of the future. As Xia and her vampires completely overrun the kingdom, Tanis is shocked to learn her father is not the same as Ma’at’s. She was sired by a mercenary adventurer who was the one responsible for defeating Xia 20 years earlier. Now, Queen Ma’at instructs Tanis to find her real father and bring him back to Abelar to destroy Xia. He is their only hope.

In another part of the palace, Kara, an attendant to the Princess, plans to escape with her lover, DERNIER (Xavier DeClie). He is a noble Royal Guard who has been seduced by Kara to abandon his duties to get her safely out of the palace. Before escaping, they are attacked by vampires led by another former attendant to the Princess, LEVANA (Jessica Delgado). Dernier is bitten and transformed into a vampire while Kara is captured. At that same time Queen Ma’at is killed by Xia, and Tanis escapes to a waiting ship. Using her sorcery, Xia destroys the ship with an enormous wave that rises and crashes over the ship, ripping it apart. Satisfied that she has destroyed all of the royalty, Xia fully transforms into her creature self as she retires back into the palace.

So begins the quest by two young women to learn the truth of who they are and why fate has chosen them to lead the battle for good and evil. Kara’s quest takes her into the darkest realms, where she discovers she is Xia’s child, half vampire creature, half human. Princess Tanis’ quest to find her father leads her to half brothers like the charming but thieving rogue, AEDAN (Kevin Sorbo), and half sisters like a former emperor’s assassin now bar keeper, RAJAN (Janelle Taylor). A family she never knew she had.

Kara and Tanis discover they are both the daughters of this mysterious mercenary adventurer who is the key to destroying Xia and her vampire army. The girls search to find him before the other, Kara to kill him and Tanis to enlist him to once more save humankind. When their father is found at the same time by both, it leads to a shocking climax drenched in blood and sorcery where the future of the world hangs in the balance.

Debi Moore

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