Kevin Sorbo Develops Flesh Wounds, Costas Mandylor Hunts Hyenas

American World Pictures has posted info and trailers on its website for several new films the company is handling distribution for. I expect we’ll be seeing more of this in the next few days with so much wheelin’ & dealin’ going on at the Cannes Film Festival. Of particular interest to our readers are a new Predator clone with Kevin Sorbo and some lycan horror starring Costas Mandylor and a frequently naked Christa Campbell.

Kevin Sorbo Develops Flesh WoundsFirst up is Flesh Wounds with TV “Hercules” Kevin Sorbo leading a squad of soldiers being stalked by a cybernetic super soldier run amok in the woods. With Predators coming out this summer, it shouldn’t come as any big surprise to see Predator knock-offs making a comeback as well – at least this one thus far.

On a remote US Army facility that officially doesn’t exist, a top-secret group of scientists conduct weapons research when they’re horribly and suddenly ripped apart by an unseen enemy.

With the disappearance of the scientists blamed on terrorists, an elite covert ops team commanded by Lt. Tyler (Kevin Sorbo) is tasked with recovering the missing personnel within 24 hours as well as keeping the operation strictly off the books. Accompanied by CIA escort Cassandra Mason (Heather Marie Marsden), Tyler’s team arrives in country only to find the scientists already dead. They’ve been savagely dismembered, and as one of the team observes, “There’s no way an AK-47 can do this to a man.” Tyler’s commandos engage the terrorists, but after the slaughter it’s apparent the supposed terrorists are actually a contingent of US soldiers on a training exercise. Something far stronger and more dangerous than terrorists has mutilated the scientists.

Pentagon machinations aside, Mason points out that Tyler’s job is just to shoot his gun and keep his mouth shut. But as the bodies pile up and the deadline closes in, the reason for the secrecy becomes clear. Tyler and his team have been sent to destroy a prototype super soldier, and this mission they may not return from.

I must say it is amusing to watch the trailer for Flesh Wounds, get a load of the berserk cyborg super soldier, and realize that today’s state-of-the-art military cybernetics is finally catching up to the level of 1994 David Bradley Cyborg Cop sequels. Equally amusing is the realization as to how much of this trailer reminds me greatly of Robowar, a never-released-in-the-US Bruno Mattei schlockfest starring girlie screamer extraordinaire Reb Brown that shamelessly plagiarized entire story beats from Predator but substituted the alien hunter for an experimental military cyborg out of control.

IMDB lists Dan Garcia’s Flesh Wounds as a made-for-TV movie. So, uh, next stop Syfy?

Costas Mandylor Hunts HyenasMeanwhile, Saw substitute Costas Mandylor has serious werewolf troub… Scratch that. He has serious were-hyena trouble in Hyenas. A roving pack of shape-shifting hyenas ate his wife, and now he’s going to hunt them down. 2001 Maniac‘s “Milk Maiden” herself, Christa Campbell, bares her fangs and just about every other part of her body as the clothing optional leader of the pack.

On a lonely road deep in the woods, a young woman is brutally murdered. Her distraught husband, Matthew Gannon (Costas Mandylor), pursues the killers with vengeance. It becomes clear, however, that the killers might not be human…A crazy old homeless man, Josiah Briggs (Meshach Taylor), sheds light on the mystery by alluding to an African legend…the killers are werewolves, but not ordinary werewolves – They are Hyenas. Led by Wilda (Christa Campbell), the shapeshifting creatures have a brutal and animalistic hierarchy that bares out in gang-like warfare. Gannon discovers a whole clan of Hyenas and unwittingly becomes entangled in a love affair with one of them, beautiful Valerie (Amanda Aardsma). With Valerie by his side, Gannon must fight the half-Human half-Hyena creatures, even if it means giving his own life to exterminate them…

Hyenas is written and directed by Eric Weston, the writer-director of 1981’s demonic computer flick Evilspeak. Now there’s a title I haven’t heard in ages.

American World Pictures has trailers for Flesh Wounds and Hyenas up on their website. Just follow the link and select the titles under “Current Films” to view the trailers.

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