DVD Releases: 4/6/2010: The Collector Tries Taxidermia on Tony in the Blood Forest

It’s a bloody week of DVD offerings with Blood Ties: The Complete Series, Blood Red Moon, and Blood Forest all hitting store shelves on Tuesday, April 6th. Throw in The Damned, the film adaptation of Stephen King’s Dolan’s Cadillac, along with some Malpractice and Taxidermia, and we’ve got one hell of an eclectic mix to choose from.

The pick of the week is little tricky. We would say The Collector since fans have been waiting so long for it to hit DVD and Blu-ray, but we’re not sure the payoff is really worth it. Maybe Tony? We’ve heard good things regarding this UK import about a London serial killer, but we don’t have our official review up yet. And then there’s Robert Picardo’s newest, Sensored, about a children’s book illustrator who inhabits a twilight world of shifting reality and illusion. For now we’ll leave it open and see what you guys think.

On the other side of the fence are several re-releases of classic films in “two great formats at one great price” (i.e., both Blu-ray and DVD in one package) like Planet of the Apes (2001), Robocop, and Terminator. In addition, both Dreamscape and the new Poseidon are hitting Blu-ray this week. Last but not least there’s High Plains Invaders, which Foy called “an above average Syfy original, a pleasantly diverting Wild West creature feature worthy of a Saturday matinee viewing.” High praise indeed!

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

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  • Floydian Trip

    You guys officially suck! No mention of the best two releases of the day in The Relic Blu-ray and The Lord of the Ring’s trilogy on Blu-ray. Doh!

    • Floydian Trip

      I’m waiting rather impatiently and no I don’t have anything better to do at the moment.

    • The Woman In Black

      Thanks for The Relic heads-up; it’s been added. Not sure what to think of Amazon’s categories — it didn’t show up in horror, sci-fi, or mystery/thrillers. As for The Lord of the Rings, wasn’t sure whether to include it or not — it’s pretty fringy. Plus, it’s only the theatrical editions coming out — we’re waiting for the extended cuts. Not sure I would recommend to anyone that they buy those coming out tomorrow.

      • Floydian Trip

        Thanks for adding The Relic. As for TLotR’s, big enough fans with Blu-ray will no doubt go for the theatricals now rather than wait a year or two for the extended. No telling when Guillermo will be done with The Hobbit. It is PJ’s masterwork so while fringy, eh, what the hell. They’re more horror relevant than The Poseidon and Planet of the Apes remakes. At least I think so.