EA/Visceral Games Confirm The Ripper

EA/Visceral Games confirm The RipperLate last week it was confirmed that EA and Visceral Games will indeed release The Ripper, a download-only title based on infamous 19th Century serial killer Jack the Ripper.

Although Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter’s investor report confirms rumors that surfaced last October when trademark registrations for The Ripper were discovered online, no other details were given. Sorry, gang!

Because The Ripper will be downloadable only for PSN and Xbox Live Arcade, it’s most likely that it’s a small title and quite possible EA could release the game sometime this year to make way for Dead Space 2 (NOT to be confused with Dead Space: Extraction, a Wii exclusive) set for release in early 2011.

Okay … I haz questions, plural.

Although we (myself included) as a society are absolutely fascinated with the morbid actions of someone like Jack the Ripper, are we ready for a game that possibly involves, oh, stalking and eviscerating whores (one of them pregnant)? Or is this a game where we’ll be TRACKING Jack the Ripper?

After doing a little sneaky peek around, apparently this game is going to paint Jack the Ripper as some sort of a martyr with the whole “Kill one, save a thousand” blahbity blah blah. Jack the Ripper as some sort of Helsing-type slayer protecting people from demons, vampires and other evil monsters? This is REALLY toeing the line of good taste to the point that it’s rather questionable. “If I slit this woman from groin to sternum, I’ll save the Cheerleader/Save the World!” Give me a break.

Jack the Ripper as a good guy?


I can only imagine what the achievement points will look like for this. You best believe I’ll be tracking this game.

Crix Lee

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  • Floydian Trip

    There’s an awful lot of contradiction within the horror community. Playing a game as Jack the Ripper is tasteless but having a problem with the promotion of a film made by a child molester is somehow making a big deal out of nothing. Just saying.

    • Uncle Creepy

      It takes more than one person to make a movie. Would you boycott a theatre that shows it? Or any of the cast and crew that worked on it?

      This game is changing history. There’s a bit of a difference, no? Really dude, apples and oranges.

    • The Woman In Black

      You never know what’s going to set somebody off. I didn’t really give a second thought to it being tasteless to play as Jack, mostly because the events happened so long ago. Games are full of unsavory characters … Does it matter all that much if they’re based on real life people or not? To some it does obviously.

  • Floydian Trip

    What would be the difference in playing as Jack the Ripper as opposed to playing something like Manhunt or GTA?

    • CrixLee

      good question! The main difference is that Jack the Ripper was a real person who did unspeakably evil things as opposed to a fictional character in Manhunt or GTA and trying to paint him out as a good guy is tasteless.

      • Floydian Trip

        Good point. I guess I won’t know how I feel about it until I play it but Jack the Ripper is a fascinating subject, imo, and I don’t like true crime or serial killers at all.

    • The Buz


      ManHunt you are forced to kill bad guys, who are trying to kill you.
      GTA you have a choice on whether or not you kill random pedestrians. It’s not the point of the game though to kill random people, just people from the mission, who are usually bad guys and try and kill you.

      Jack the Ripper the game, if they do it the way the article states, would basically be you hunting down defenseless prostitutes and THATS IT. That’s pretty fucking awful if you ask me.

      That and Jack the Ripper really did do that.

      I don’t think anyone has ever made a tank fly into down town Manhattan and eviscerated a few random pedestrians.

      • Floydian Trip

        But you have to admit that the draw of a game like GTA, especially for younger players, is to be able to kill and commit crimes whether or not it’s deemed good or bad in the gameworld.

  • Monster

    Well, this game might appeal to some gamers but I doubt it. Thank you for your description and insights. We will see how people feel about it when it comes out. Who knows, it might surprise us.

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    • CrixLee

      yeah, I’m curious as well!