Fiend Without a Face Remake in the Works

If you have never seen Arthur Crabtree’s 1958 creature feature Fiend Without a Face, then, brothers and sisters, consider this homework for you: Track the flick down and love every second! How could you not? It has flying brain creatures with antennae arms and a spine that wraps around the neck and chokes the life out of its victims. This is the good stuff, and it looks as if a remake of this classic flick is now on the way.

According to Fangoria Dawn of the Dead documentarian and Street Trash writer/producer Roy Frumkes is getting set to bring us a remake of this truly classic slice of horror/sci-fi Americana.

I optioned the rights from [original producer] Richard Gordon, who has optioned them several times before,” Frumkes tells Fango. “We’ve been friends for 10 years, and he brought it up one day over lunch and we reached an agreement. Then I set my own deadlines: The option started January 1, and I gave myself two months to write the first draft of the script, which is done, and one month to research it. I’ve wanted to do this film for 40 years, so I already had it all in my head, and it wasn’t hard to write. What I didn’t have was the technical information; I’m no science buff. Now I’m interviewing scientists, getting the technology straight.

Frumkes hopes to secure funding for the project by June so look for more soon. Hit up the above link for the entire interview.

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    YES! This is my absolute favourite of 50s monster flicks!

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You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.