Plot Details Emerge for The Howling Reborn

Somewhere along the way we’ve lost track of how many movies there are in The Howling franchise. Six maybe? Yes. Six. True, most of them were of questionable quality and none ever came close to being as good as the original, but they do hold a special place in the hearts of some fans. Still, we’re pretty excited to have the franchise coming back, and the first plot details of the upcoming The Howling Reborn have come to light.

Indie producers Joel Kastelberg and Moonstone Entertainment’s Etchie Stroh are re-launching the werewolf franchise as The Howling Reborn. Former studio marketing exec Joe Nimziki, who worked at New Line, MGM, and Sony, will make his feature directorial debut from his own script.

Check out the first ever details below courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, and while we’re revisiting all this cool Howling stuff, let’s take a moment to dig on how fuckin’ badass the transformation was in the original film!

“A teenager graduating from high school finally gets the girl he’s been pining over for years, but unfortunately for him once he’s landed the love of his life, he discovers that he’s cursed and will transform into a werewolf. Even worse, not only does he have his own internal conflict to contend with, he must also battle an entire pack of werewolves who are hellbent on killing both him and his new girlfriend.”

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  • thedarkestshadow

    I am a huge werewolf fan. It’s by far my favorite monster. The Howling needs a good sequel. The others were total and complete shit. Not a one of them has any redeeming qualities.

    • Heather Buckley

      I liked Howling 6: The Freaks. 😀

  • YandereSama

    It sounds less like they’re trying to please the Twilighters and more like they’re trying to loosely adapt the third novel in Gary Brandner’s Howling series. The plot has a lot of similarities.

    And admit it. As much as you hate reboots, remakes and sequels, you’ll still end up seeing it, be it direct-to-video or theatrical. After all, that’s why the Saw series is a success right? Or is it just because it has tons of gore.

    With that being said, I’m willing to bet this will just be some low-budget direct-to-video sequel that will end up airing on Syfy.

    But by God, I hope I’m wrong and it’s released in theaters with a decent budget, better makeup animatronic/digital effects and it ends up being better than the sorry excuses for sequels the Howling currently has.

    “Why are you screaming, I haven’t even cut you yet. . .”

    • Masked Slasher

      It doesn’t sound that similar to Brandner’s thrid book.

      In that, the kid’s ‘clan’ wanted him back. That’s about the only similarity.

  • Masked Slasher

    What the fuck?

    The Howling sequels aren’t perfect but, with the exception of the seventh film, I like them all.

    They’re exploitative fun (each of them in a different way) and restarting the series as Twilight-light is absolutely depressing.

    • Floydian Trip

      It really angers me too. I just watched The Howling a couple of months ago and I love it. It’s a great movie with great effects and although I think AWIL is better I totally get why people would think The Howling is the better movie. I shudder to think of what this will be like complete with crappy CGI werewolves no doubt. The question is, will the teenage boy werewolves in this movie wear shirts?

      And Twilight is harmless. The teenage girls aren’t flocking to the genre, the genre is flocking to the teenage girls. Haha. It has only just begun. I think I’m beginning to find this all amusing. Just when I think the genre can’t get any worse they find a whole nother level of sucktitude to lower it to. First it was being inundated with horrible slasher flicks that were all trying to be clever, then it was remakes and now Twilight. I just have to wonder what could possibly be next?

  • Cinemascribe

    Werewolf teen has to save the woman he loves from a collective of other supernatural predators.

    Y’know, I didn’t want to see this movie when it came out last year, under the tile Twilight:New Moon.

    • Floydian Trip

      Yeah, I can’t wait to see the poster art for this one.

      I don’t remember any of The Howling sequels but did any of them have teenagers in it? Why must so many horror films have teenagers in them?

      • Terminal

        That’s where the money is. And they’re easier to please.

        • Floydian Trip

          An NC-17 rating trend would be really nice.

        • Floydian Trip

          I couldn’t find anything about any teenagers being in Howling movies but I did find that they’re also remaking Fright Night which I must have missed here. That’s a bummer too. So, obviously this isn’t a remake but they’re rebooting the franchise so it’ll appeal to young girls then? I was young when The Howling came out and it didn’t bother me that it had adults in it so teenage girls must be the demographic they’re going to try and appeal to.

  • Terminal

    I’m getting a real Dawson’s Creek meets Wolfman vibe here. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Yeah I know what you mean. Just hoping for the best.