UPDATED: Shaun of the Dead Apparently NOT Shambling Its Way to TV

We’ve said it dozens of times: Shaun of the Dead was the film that Zombieland strived to be. Interestingly enough, the latter was originally conceived as a television program, and now it seems that Shaun will be heading in that direction soon!

UPDATE: Despite The Guardian’s report below, Simon Pegg has refuted the story via his Twitter account as follows: Contrary to reports there are no plans for a Shaun Of The Dead TV show. Thought you’d like to know. He followed that post up a day later with: Once again, there are no plans for a Shaun of the Dead TV show or a Shaun of the Dead 2.

Whew! That’s a relief.

According to the UK’s The Guardian NBC Universal International and Working Title announced they are moving into TV production with the new joint venture Working Title Television. One of the aims is to make TV adaptations of Working Title’s library of more than 90 theatrical releases, which includes the smash horror comedy Shaun of the Dead. These TV adaptations would initially be aimed at American audiences but with the potential to be exported, or remade, in a range of countries.

Good news for Shaun fans for sure, but we’re holding out on our opinions until we see how much involvement Simon Pegg and company will have in the show. They’re truly the brains behind the film’s success. Personally, I’d rather have the gang back for a proper sequel, but we shall see.

Uncle Creepy

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  • Vanvance1

    I loved Shaun of the Dead, but I think they pretty much milked that sucker dry.

    Now I admit I can’t resist anything zombie (which is why I have seen more bad movies than fat kids have seen snickers bars), but maybe this is a bad idea.

    Aiming an essentially BRITISH comedy with a very BRITISH satiric/absurd skew to the humour at an AMERICAN audience doesn’t seem like it can work. Not without dumbing things down a lot.

    • Terminal

      Very true Vavance. They basically had to do that with The Office, so I can imagine them having to dumb down Shaun immensely.

  • Terminal

    This sounds like a dumb idea so far. The Shaun concept can’t be stretched in to a full series. And who can possibly replace Simon Pegg and Nick Frost?

  • thedarkestshadow

    That’s good news. I wonder if it will take place after the original. Though I still wouldn’t mind seeing From Dusk Till Shawn.

    And this is a stupid comment: “We’ve said it dozens of times: Shaun of the Dead was the film that Zombieland strived to be.” Making stupid comments like that just because you didn’t like the movie is ridiculous.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Not a stupid comment at all. It’s an opinion shared by many here, and if you read the review, you’ll see that I didn’t dislike it, I just thought that it wasn’t as good as Shaun, a film whose tone it was clearly trying to emulate.

      • G.D.

        It’s not opinion though. You’re making an assumption that’s simply not there. Never does Zombieland EVER try to be a horror movie.

        Shaun is equal parts comedy and horror while Zombieland is comedy first, a road movie second, relationship movie third. Horror movie is a distant fourth on the list of what the movie is.

        It is fundamentally trying to be a different movie than Shaun was.

        So no, it’s not an opinion. It’s a statement, and a false statement at that.

        • Uncle Creepy

          That’s just YOUR opinion! *rimshot*

        • Floydian Trip

          Zombie’s aren’t horror?

          • Uncle Creepy

            Shhhh! Don’t mind him FT. GD’s been complaining about various things for about 4 years now. His opinion after all … is fact! That’s just science!

          • Terminal

            Not if you’re Stephanie Meyer.

        • Terminal

          GD are you serious? Zombieland is a HORROR (repeat:) HORROR comedy. HORROR. HORRRRROOORRRRRR!

        • AngryChairr

          Dictionary definitions of opinion:

          1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
          2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.
          3. the formal expression of a professional judgment: to ask for a second medical opinion.

          A statement is an opinion if it encapsulates your personal view on a subject. Therefore, stating that Zombieland wanted to be like Shaun of the Dead is in fact an opinion because it’s someone’s personal belief even if they can’t provide sufficient evidence to prove it. In fact, that’s mostly what opinions are: hyperbolas statements about goofy bullshit.

          But in this instance, I agree, it was trying to be like Shaun. It used elements of bromance and romance subplots between Cera-lite and the rest of the cast against a backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. The main characters were even neurotic, nerdy losers that used the apocalypse to become better people and win the girl.

          • Terminal

            Very true AngryChairr. I loved Zombieland, but given the choice between the two, I’d pick Shaun. Zombieland was funny, but Shaun was hilarious. You just can’t beat the Wright/Pegg/Frost combo. They’re unstoppable.

            Creepy and I disagree on things 99 percent of the time, but on this issue I agree with him strongly.

            Zombieland obviously was tailored to be America’s “Shaun of the Dead.” I mean studios all over the world have been trying to make their own (Fido, Boy Eats Girl) and none have been very successful.

            Zombieland was close, but still no match for “Shaun.”

          • Uncle Creepy

            I found Fido to be lightyears better than Zombieland. Love the movie! And as for us always disagreeing, I think we’ve finally found some common ground and respect through the abysmal Day of the Dead 2 flick. At least it was good for something!