Wes Craven Back Behind the Camera for Scream 4! Shooting to Begin Soon!

Wes CravenIt’s always nice to get a confirmation. It’s especially nice when said confirmation comes in the form of one of your favorite directors getting back in the saddle to direct a new entry in a franchise that helped reinvigorate an entire subgenre.

The LA Times just did a great retrospective piece on director Wes Craven. If you’re a fan, you definitely need to read it, and while the look back was golden indeed, it was the closing of the article that really got our ghost:

Craven recently finished ‘My Soul to Take,’ which is scheduled for release sometime this year. And in May, he starts on ‘Scream 4.’ And after that?

“My goal is to die in my 90s on the set, say, ‘That’s a wrap,’ after the last shot, fall over dead and have the grips go out and raise a beer to me.”

Uncle Creepy

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Good news indeed, but Wes? How about we start drinking to ya right now, buddy? It is Friday, ya know!

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  • James Coker

    To LifeMi…THANK YOU!!! finally someone thinks it hasn’t aged too bad(don’t mean any disrespect to my fellow Horror Bretheren)and to Terminal I agree with everyone else on why they would dislike Diary but I LOVED Land, what didn’t you like about it???

  • James Coker

    Terminal you are absolutely Right, Every Horror fan has their own taste and a very common ground, though you don’t like a majority of craven films and I like a majority of Craven films (though he is not my ‘most’ Favorite Horror Director, Lucio Fulci takes that cake, and yes even fulci’s “good” horror films had tons of problems) we both are common Horror Fans with a passionate Love of Horror and I apologize if i came of rude to you and the fine folks at Dreadcentral. P.S. Whats your Favorite Horror Director Terminal????

    • Terminal

      It’s a tie between Carpenter and Romero. Mostly leaning toward Romero. For me he’s continued supplying great zombie films even though Diary and Land are considered his worst. I enjoy them for what they are, personally. I know I’m in the minority.

  • LifeMi

    I’m cautiously interested in this one. The first Scream was fairly good and even the second one had its good moments; Scream 3 was a piece of shit though. Personally, I disagree with Terminal and Floydian. I like Craven. I don’t necessarily love all of his films (Last House and Hills Have Eyes especially) but he’s done more for this genre than almost anyone else. Furthermore, NOES is fucking great and I think it still holds up today. The only thing that really dates it is the hair, clothing and special effects. Then again, you can shake that stick at a LOT of movies.

    • Floydian Trip

      I know this sounds harsh but I think he’s done more to damage the horror genre than any other director. Without doing any research on why the genre is as fucked up as it is today I blame it all on him.

      Also, I loved ANOES when it came out. I’d have a bunch of friends spend the night and freak them out with my own tales of Freddy Kreuger. They’d make me stop and turn all the lights back on. It’s just painful to watch it now though. Hasn’t held up one bit. Looks as cheesy as most 80’s horror movies do that weren’t directed by true talent. Compare The Thing to ANOES right now, honestly. Over time I have even come to loathe the character of Freddy Kreuger who at this point to me comes off more as cowardly and despicable than frightening.

      • LifeMi

        First of all, I wouldn’t agree that he’s done the genre wrong. I understand the viewpoint; the Scream clones really fucked up the genre, but you can’t blame him for those. Furthermore, all of the blame is on his shoulders? Craven’s done more damage to the genre than Emmerich, Platinum Dunes, Screen Gems, The Asylum, Rob Zombie, Ulli Lommel, AND Strawberry Estates?

    • Terminal

      Nah LifeMi, he hasn’t done more for horror than anyone else. You’re telling me he’s done more than Romero, Carpenter, Roger Corman, or Alfred Hitchcock? You must be kidding. What exactly did he contribute that outweighs his comrades.

      Reviving the slasher genre? He didn’t do that. He spoofed slasher movies and studios just took that and made some painfully self aware slasher films.

      And NOES is still a good movie, but it’s aged poorly. I never said it’s dated, I said it’s aged poorly in that it’s pretty cheesy rewatching it again. Most of Craven’s movies have that effect.

      • LifeMi

        I said he’s done more for horror than ALMOST anyone else, ALMOST being the key word there, buddy. Romero, Carpenter and Hitchcock have unquestionably done more for the genre than Craven (I would add Cronenberg to that list as well), but he’s not far behind. He made two really shocking exploitation films, he made one of the best slasher films of all time (not to mention one of the best movie villains ever), he revived the slasher genre with Scream (I’ll agree it got killed pretty quickly afterwards, though) and he wrote/directed Swamp Thing! I’d say he’s done quite a bit for our genre that outweighs most other horror directors. I honestly don’t love the majority of his films but you got to respect the body of work he’s created. The genre would be a lot worse off had Wes Craven never become a director.

        By the way, I don’t think NOES is that cheesy. Yes it has the 80’s music and fashion but that’s part of its charm. And as I said before, you can shake that stick at a LOT of classic horror films. I don’t think the film’s age should be a factor of its quality. The Universal Monster films are a lot older but they’re still great fun.

        • Terminal

          I see your point LifeMi, and I definitely respect what his career has entailed. But I don’t know how you can say that he can’t be blamed for the knock offs of Scream yet you basically attribute the revival of the slasher genre, which bred the knock offs of Scream, to Craven. Which is it?

          And again I’m not mocking the fashion or the music, that has nothing to do with it. The movie simply hasn’t aged well. It’s clumsy at times and has lost most of its effectiveness over the years.

          And the Universal Monster Films are timeless. They’re a huge difference from NOES.

          • LifeMi

            He can’t be blamed for the knockoffs (If anything, I would blame Williamson for IKWYDLS and H20). It’s not like Craven intended for there to be knockoffs; that can be blamed on creatively-stunted filmmakers and studio honchos. For further proof, go look at Todd Farmer’s interview on His Name Was Jason Disc 2. He notes that after Scream, studio heads kept sending notes back to writers and filmmakers telling them to make their movies more like Scream, out of the belief that if their movies are self-referential and have big stars that they would sell tickets. It’s exactly like what happened with Halloween; everyone thought that as long as they had a guy in a mask, they could get a movie deal. I just can’t get myself around to blaming him for those films.

            I respect your take on NOES, even though I do disagree. At least we can both agree that it’s a good movie.

  • James Coker

    Terminal i Agree with you on the fact that NOES is Aging still doesn’t change the fact that it is a classic, and one other thing, did you even hate “Serpent and the Rainbow”??

    • Terminal

      Sure NOES is a classic. So is Last House, People Under the Stairs, and Serpent and the Rainbow. It doesn’t mean they’re particularly good.

      The Jazz Singer is a classic, but if you watch it, you’ll notice it’s pretty terrible. I know it’s not a horror movie, but the point I’m trying to make is that most times if a movie is classic is not because they’re GOOD but because they made a cultural impact of some kind.

      I’ve met people who adore the fact that Romero made such a boom with Dawn of the Dead, but don’t particularly enjoy the movie because of various reasons. Some think it’s too boring, some think it’s too cheesy, etc.

      Der Gollum is another silent classic film but it’s not particularly good. I know a lot of people who respect Nosferatu but don’t like it at all. I respect Craven for making The Hills Have Eyes, but I don’t think it’s a good movie at all.

      You can disagree, I have no problem with that. That’s what I call passion. You have a passion for horror and Craven’s films, I have a passion for horror and yet find most of Craven’s movies to be quite terrible. In the end we have a common ground. We love horror so much that we’ll argue about it until the cows come home.

      AS for Serpent and the Rainbow, no I don’t like it. It has some good material in it, but for me it’s just another Wes Craven lemon.

      Craven’s movies display a certain cowardice in them that I don’t enjoy. Last House is at times quite brutal but he seems to want to soften the blow by adding that comical sub plot with those two cops. Then there’s Scream that starts as a satire of the slasher genre then simply stops trying by the second half and become the VERY dumb slasher it purports to spoof.

      People may gasp and call my taste in to question, and I’m perfectly fine with that. Doesn’t make me any less of a horror fan than you or anyone else.

      Call me negative, a hater, a cynic, I could give two shits because my opinions will remain the same regardless of who tries to silence them. In the end I’d rather be someone who picks horror with a fine toothed comb than submit to everything fed to me, personally.

      P.S. Um… I do like NOES, by the way. Not as much as before, but still quite a bit.

      • Floydian Trip

        I should watch Serpent and the Rainbow again. Just read the book not all that long ago and it’s a great read. Ethnobotany I think it is sounds like an absolutely fascinating field. Wish I would have read the book when I was in Jr. High. I don’t think the movie is anything like it though from what I remember.

  • James Coker

    You got me there Mr.Creepy, There’s No “Fan” Passion more Hotter then that of a Horror Fan, it’s just whenever i look at a famous horror director i always think of his good horror films and not his recent ones or shitty ones

  • James Coker

    As much as i LOVE this site, it has waaaay to many Haters

    • Uncle Creepy

      That’s not on us, dude. The way we see it people “hate” only because they’re so passionate about what they love. Can’t really fault anyone for that. Just post your opinion otherwise.

  • Terminal

    Ugh man this new movie is going to suck. Craven is such a crappy director. I have zero expectations. Sub zero expectations.

    • Floydian Trip

      I wasn’t even gonna bother commenting because I thought I was the only one who thinks he’s one of the worst director’s in the genre and shouldn’t be allowed to make any more. Go make comedies or something.

      • DavidFullam

        Well two have had the guts to say it, I’ll chime in. Agree on all counts. I’ve never understood the acclaim the guy gets.

        • Terminal

          Yes! Yes! Rise up my pretties and we shall storm master Craven’s house and burn all his horrible movies! Last House take your last breath! Shocker here’s a shock, eat flames! Muahaha.

          No seriously though, the man has failed to make consistent entertainment, and even NOES is aging pretty poorly over the years.

  • James Coker

    though he has had a few Misses (red Eye,Vampire in Brooklyn) Wes Craven will always be one of the most recognized and love Horror Director of our time, and to be honest i’m actually quite excited to see ghostface back on the big screen, can only hope this time it’s with shaky cam and ghostface tortures someone tied to a chair with a chainsaw. hahahahahhaha

    • Vanvance1

      I’m on the fence on this one. On the one hand I liked both his Nightmare movies, Serpent and the Rainbow, the original Scream and People Under the Stairs.

      On the other hand there are the other Scream Movies and Red Eye which I rank as one of the dumbest scripts of all time.

      Still he has done more good for horror than many others, he’s just not consistent.

  • Vanvance1

    The first Scream was not horror, it was a horror spoof. It was great, smart and bang-on.

    Sadly success always spawns sequels and 2 and 3 were execrable. I really don’t see where they can go with 4 where they won’t be using the same genre cliches the first mocked.

    • Uncle Creepy

      But now they have all new horror cliches to mock!