Exclusive: The Crazies Go Extremely Viral With Scarlet Omega

One of the most frightening things that is presented in both the original George A. Romero classic The Crazies and Breck Eisner’s re-envisioning of the tale hitting theatres on February 26th is that the events of both films are pretty plausible. The sad truth is that we are living in a time of N1H1 and other super-strains of influenza. There have been several times this very year that things seemed to be getting scary on a level that’s far too real to comprehend.

Get ready to be introduced to the nightmarish world and reality of Scarlet Omega.

The little town of Ogden Marsh is becoming progressively more unhinged as The Crazies gets set to open next week!

If you’ve been following the movie marketing, you know that if you click on the banner ad for Dakon/Pendrill Chemicals, you end up on the site of a chemical company that is seemingly an outstanding corporate citizen. But dig deeper – specifically, log in as:


Password: p@ssword

… and discover that the company is covering up the fact the facility isn’t as secure as it should be! In fact, they are under siege by a local activist, Kim Jonson from SaveOgdenMarsh.com, who is determined to expose their nefarious misdeeds.

This week the plot thickens as a new character emerges, Patrick Carney, who reveals the company’s actual agenda, codename: Scarlet Omega (check his emails to JBMartin). It appears that Operation Scarlet Omega is the government containment protocol for any major security breach at a chemical facility, run by the different wings of the United States Armed Forces. With a handful of truly horrific real-world instances as examples, this team is working around the clock to keep the current protocol threat level at a zero. Check out the surveillance videos, recent events (some of them have popped up on TheTruthAboutTrixie.com), and what to do at different levels of “Scarlet Omega Protocols.

At the same time, over at SaveOgdenMarsh.com, local activist Kim Jonson appears to have fallen victim to a “crazy” cameraman. Will she live to warn others and recruit them to her cause?? Is her cause real or just fiction? Something tells us there’s a grain of truth…

Hit up the above link to learn more. In the interim we’ve been provided exclusively with some images and the first ever video of someone being affected by the virus at its most critical point. Click the images to see them in hi-res.

Look for more on The Crazies and Scarlet Omega soon.

Scarlet Omega – Trixie Virus Victim on Gurney
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The Crazies Go Extremely Viral With Scarlet Omega (click for larger image)

The Crazies Go Extremely Viral With Scarlet Omega (click for larger image)

The Crazies Go Extremely Viral With Scarlet Omega (click for larger image)

The Crazies Go Extremely Viral With Scarlet Omega (click for larger image)

Uncle Creepy

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  • Vanvance1

    Ugh, media hype. Swine flu, sars, bird flu… assorted other scares of the month. These are just media hyped ‘issues’ designed to sell papers/advertising et al.

    The flu isn’t a new thing and the new version isn’t that different from the old (which is actually more lethal for more people).

    Media bullshit. Remember Y2K?

    Anyone who does real world research into any of these ‘problems’ soon learns that they are not accurately represented by 98% of the stories about them.

    • Uncle Creepy

      I loved Y2K. Nothing brought me more joy than the look on people’s faces when NOTHING happened. Can’t wait for 2012 when the world doesn’t end because the Mayans decided to stop writing their calendar. Imagine if Sports Illustrated discontinued its Swim Suit issue? Talk about the end of the fucking world.

      • Terminal

        On New year’s eve in 1999, I had two distant cousins and an aunt who actually brought candles and food with them to their local church and they stayed there until midnight praying and waiting for the upcoming madness to blow over.

        Yeah, I loved the Y2K scare too. I can’t believe anyone fell for that. I remember denying it and being called ignorant. What a bunch of saps.

        • Uncle Creepy

          You’re ignorant for exercising common sense, and the people who believed that the world was going to end because computer programmers lacked the foresight to teach PC’s how to count passed 1999 declared themselves the smart ones. I love this world!

          • Terminal

            I think Butch said it best: Boy, I got vision, and the rest of the world wears bifocals.

          • Vanvance1

            Actually the smart ones were the computer programmers (a few I knew) who charged companies huge bucks to fix something that only took a few lines of code.

            It’s always something. I’ve read about how in the 70’s there were scare articles about global cooling.

          • Terminal

            I remember in Penn and Teller’s Bullshit where they started a show by reading an article claiming the world was headed for a new ice age. The article was from 1985. It IS always something. There’s always going to be an apocalypse scare, you just have to live life while you can and just let the chips fall where they may.

          • Vanvance1

            Penn & Teller rule. Now we have ‘global warming’ and an insane hippie revival. When did the pot addled twats win? Thank-goodness for horror, if I have to spend all my time thinking about the real world I’d drown in insanity.

          • Terminal

            Yeah that’s why most of my days are spent in horror movies, comic books, Superman, and coke.


          • The Woman In Black

            What the hell’s wrong with hippies? I’ll take peace and love over war and hate any day.

          • Terminal

            Yeah I have to speak in defense of hippies too. I am obsessed with the hippie culture. Not the pot smoking idiots, the more peace loving activists. You know, Jesus was a hippie.

          • Vanvance1

            Because hippies aren’t about ‘peace and love’, they’re about selfishness and pretense.

            At the moment they’ve created a religion of politically correct inteolerance that makes speaking any kind of truth they don’t like a social sin.

            South Park pretty much nailed them with their ‘hippie episode’, it’s just an excuse to get wasted and feel self righteous.

          • Morgan Elektra

            There are selfish and pretentious people in any group.

            I happen to live in the town of Woodstock, where the music festivals that led to the original concert began. It’s still very much an artist community, and has always been a hippie mecca. There are drum circles every Sunday during the spring and summer in the center of town that anyone can particpate in, people bring extra drums and tamborines for people who don’t have them. Little kids love to participate, or dance. Here’s one video from Youtube, but there are several.


            For a lot of people, this town is the center of the hippie movement and still embodies what it means. I haven’t seen the film linked to below, but there’s a brief history of the town and the short video from the director highlights some of what I’m talking about.


            My mother was, and is still, a hippie. She still believes in the things the hippies championed in the sixties – peace, love, freedom of expression. And she (along with a lot of people here in town), spent the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock concert this past August participating in a worldwide Peace Walk. They walked from the edge of town up the mountain to the Church of Christ on the Mount and then had free music and speeches.

            Even in the sixties there were people who were in it just for the sex and drugs. But that’s not what hippies were really about then, and it’s still not now.

          • The Woman In Black

            “Because hippies aren’t about ‘peace and love’, they’re about selfishness and pretense.”

            Those people aren’t true hippies; they’re just idiots. Much like the so-called Christians who pass judgment on others and do everything but embody the teachings of Jesus. There are hypocrites in every group, and to discount the beliefs of the many based on the actions of a few is doing them a huge disservice.

          • Terminal

            I don’t know if I can ever pin down which group has the most hypocrites, but I’m naturally inclined (based on what I’ve seen) to choose the religious. I’ve met more hypocrites and hatemongers in religion than I’ve met good people. But then there are feminists, and hippies, and animal right activists, and civil rights activists.

    • frank_dracman

      I was working in a restaurant when Y2K hit. I begged the owner to let us flip the breakers at midnight, but he thought it would freak people out. No duh, some people have no sense of humor. Always regret not doing it anyway…

      • Terminal

        That would have been soooooo fucking hilarious.

Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.