Scott Kosar to Sharpen Vlad’s Fangs

Scott Kosar to Sharpen Vlad's FangsThere’s been a little bit of doubt concerning whether or not Summit Entertainment’s latest take on the tale of everyone’s favorite bloodsucker Dracula, entitled Vlad, was going to happen. Good news came today, however, as the studio has tapped a writer to polish the film’s original screenplay. One who possesses some genre bite!

According to The Hollywood Reporter Scott Kosar (pictured right) has been brought on to work on the screenplay for Summit Entertainment’s Vlad. Actor Charlie Hunnam (“Sons of Anarchy”) wrote the original script, which takes an action-oriented look at Dracula, or Vlad the Impaler, as a young prince. Music video director and photographer Anthony Mandler recently came aboard to direct the project and will shepherd Kosar’s work on the screenplay.

Given Kosar’s writing history (The Machinist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror, The Crazies), we can confidently say that the Count is in very good hands.

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  1. I wouldn’t say it’s in “good” hands. The man wrote “TCM” and “The Amityville Horror.” And he accomplished making the latter worse than the original.

    Count me as a skeptic.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I liked the TCM remake. No one is more shocked than I am about that. The Crazies is pretty damned good, and The Machinist was a great film.

      I blame the PD duo for the lackluster Amityville. Not Kosar.

      • I for one consider TCM to be an abomination and one with an appeal that’s quite an anomaly, and Kosar’s involvement with that and Amityville fills me with little faith that he’ll do this film any justice. The Machinist was excellent though. So I remain a skeptic.

        • I wouldn’t call the TCM remake an abomination. The Hitcher remake, now THAT was the abomination.

          I enjoyed the TCM remake until I watched the original again and realized how absolutely bang on it is. Then the 2nd (Tobe Hooper’s) which I also loved for it’s blackly comic tone. That is one seriously underrated sequel.

          • I vowed never to see the Hitcher remake and I’ve kept that vow. Look at my site, I haven’t reviewed it. Nor do I plan to. We have to draw the line somewhere. TCM is a piece of trash. I would have asked for my money back but I got to see it for free thanks to a friend who worked at the theater.

          • Smart man.

            If you haven’t already seen it, the 2nd worst horror remake (that I’ve seen) after The Hitcher was The Fog.

            Why does everything North American have to be aimed at teenagers? GAG!

          • Because that’s where the money is.

            I’ve seen The Fog unfortunately. I wanted to literally punch my TV screen after seeing it.

            Ever seen When a Stranger Calls? Yuck!

          • Okay, I’d blanked that out of my memory. You’re right, that one is right up there with the Fog and The Hitcher remake.

            This discussion is making me realize how sick to death I am of remakes.

          • Please guys … I was nearly over the ocular torment and distress caused by The Fog. Now … it’s … all … coming … back ….

          • Hey Creepy, ONE good thing did come out of this discussion. Vavance made me realize that while TCM is sucky, it’s not AS sucky as the movies we’ve mentioned. Kudos Vavance.

          • Finally I have done something just in the world.

            Now my spirit can rest in peace.

            (Cut to a glittery ball of light flying into space.)

  2. The Amityville Horror? You’re kidding right? One of the rare instances where a movie really did need a remake and they managed to make one almost as weak as the original.

    Points for The Machinist though.

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