The Legend of Grassman Brings Ohio Sasquatchploitation

The Legend of Grassman tells the tale of a pot farmer mutated into a Swamp Thing-like being composed of marijuana plants on the run from Woody Harrelson, determined to smoke every last bit of him. Just kidding. It’s another killer Bigfoot flick shot on a shoestring budget.

For those of you that are not schooled in Bigfoot lore or do not watch “Monsterquest”, the Grassman is the nickname of a Sasquatch creature reportedly sighted in the wilds of Ohio. Since the current era of Sasquatchploitation seems to mandate we get a movie based on every regional Sasquatch legend it only makes sense that the Ohio Grassman finally get his own flick.

Micro-filmmaking siblings Tyler and Dennie Meyer (The Spooky House, Night of the Invisible Man) spoke to Monster Island News about their latest effort, The Legend of Grassman. Director Tyler Meyer says of their foray into Sasquatchploitation due to hit the festival circuit later this fall:

“When it came to Bigfoot, which has been done to death in movies, we took our inspiration from our childhoods. We were kids in the 70’s and grew up on stuff like ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’ and ‘In Search Of…’ That stuff was freaky. And it was absolutely real to us. And that’s what we decided to try and capture with our film, the ‘real’ Bigfoot. We watched a lot of 70’s Bigfoot films, horror films, documentaries, mockumentaries and also immersed ourselves in Bigfoot folklore.”

“The film is kind of a mixture of a 1930’s jungle adventure, a 1980’s slasher movie, and a 1970’s Bigfoot documentary. The films that have influenced us on this project come from all different eras and genres, but early on Dennis and I focused on Jaws as the type of movie we wanted to emulate. Our prior horror efforts, including Consumed are dark, grim tales, which we enjoy, but didn’t feel that tone was what we wanted in a Bigfoot film. We agreed that Jaws had a good balance or horror, comedy, and adventure which we are attempting to capture.”

Did they pull it off? Have a look at The Legend of Grassman (webite here) trailer below and make a snap judgment.

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  • Terminal

    I haven’t enjoyed many big foot movies. I really liked “Abominable” though. That movie was very underrated.

  • James Coker

    I only like three bigfoot films…”Abominable” “Legend of Boggy Creek” and ofcourse “Night of the Demon”…..though i am a little anxious to see Bob gray’s “Bigfoot”