More Sappy Horror On Its Way Set to Make You Shiver

I get it. Chicks like romance. So do some guys. But for god’s sake when will these attempts to capture the Twilight crowd cease? Not happening! It was lightning in a bottle, guys! In any event get ready for more supernatural themed sap to be splooged into your laps.

Variety reports that former New Line toppers Michael Lynne and Bob Shaye are moving ahead on the supernatural romance Shiver, hiring Nick Pustay (Ramona and Beezus) to adapt the novel for their Unique Features shingle.

Shiver, penned by Maggie Stiefvater, centers on a bittersweet romance between a teen girl and a boy who becomes a wolf each winter. As the temperature drops, the race to keep him human begins. The first installment was published by Scholastic Press in August and has been on the bestseller lists for 31 weeks. A sequel Linger, will be published in August.

At the core is this heartbreaking love story between two people who know that their time together is slipping away,” Pustay said. OK, I’m sold — on buying me some silver bullets and taking out this broody kid before he can join a no doubt waiting clan of underwear-wolves!

More Sappy Horror On Its Way Set to Make You Shiver

Uncle Creepy

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  • Terminal

    You guys should check out the video “Alex Reads Twilight” on Youtube. This British teenager reads the first twilight book and cites every absurd excerpt from it and it’s quite hilarious. I’m in disbelief that this garbage has become a phenomenon. God damn.

  • Vanvance1

    You can’t be everything for everyone. You have a limited number of resources (said resources being you), why spread yourselves thinly on non-horror subjects you have no passion for?

    I’d rather see more coverage and support of the films and books that deserve it and don’t get it (‘100 Feet’ being a perfect example).

    A million sites will cover Twilight, the mainstream media covers Twilight. People cannot AVOID that news so why have it here?

    It was my understanding that this is a HORROR site. Can you really call Twilight and it’s ilk horror? I dare you to try!

  • Vanvance1

    While I appreciate the tone of this update I think your audience would be best served if you took the next logical step.

    Twilight and it’s ilk are NOT horror. They have no elements that are in any was horrific or blackly comic. While they may steal a few words like ‘vampire’ and ‘werewolf’ from the horror cannon these creatures do not behave in any way like the accepted definition of the myth.

    I have perused this site for years now and appreciate the work, time and skill that have gone into keeping the rabid horror fan informed. At the same time I have been gobsmacked, disgusted and angered by the endless stream of ‘Twilight’ stories, as if it belongs on this site.

    This crap obviously irritates you and guess what, it irritates your readers as well. So take the next step and SPARE US. Don’t post stories about ‘not-horror’. Twilight is a tween girl chick flick. Leave it to the tween girl sites.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Like it or not vanvance, or even believe it or not, there is a huge portion of the horror fan base that dig stuff like Twilight. Now don’t get me wrong … I don’t know what the fuck they are thinking either but we try to cover everything for everyone. If you don’t wanna read it, simply gloss over the stories and please say a small prayer for our sanity as we are the ones who cannot avoid it and have to write about it.

Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.