Rejoice! New Madman DVD on the Way!

If you missed out on the classic Eighties slasher Madman and are having a bitch of a time finding the original Anchor Bay DVD, then sit tight! Help is on the way and a new edition is in the works!

Uncle Bill of Deadpit Radio dropped us a line with some really good news!

This week on Deadpit Radio the legendary Paul Ehlers (interview here) (Madman Marz himself) made a special announcement about an upcoming DVD re-release of the seminal 1982 slasher flick “Madman”.

The bombastic axe-wielder told the Deadpit crew:

“I found out from Gary Sales who was the owner and original producer of ‘Madman’ that he had struck a deal with Code Red films to put out a new edition- a re-issue … So, we are going to be coming out with the original film on a re-issue DVD”. Ehlers goes on to say, “We are going to leave the original commentary track on the film…as far as other extras, we’ve decided to reach out to some of the fans of the film. What we’re thinking of doing is that through, as a central hub for all this, we’re asking … if you (the fans) have a collection of anything to do with (the film) ‘Madman’ … anything that you have that might be cool, please send over still photos or limited video of your collections to We’d love to take a look at it, and if we think it’s appropriate, we’d love to put it on the extras of the new release.”

That’s right folks, by sending photos or video of your “Madman”-related collections over to Deadpit Radio, you (or maybe just your stuff) could possibly wind up on a documentary for the upcoming re-release of the DVD! If you think you’ve got the goods, shoot us an e-mail here with your submissions.

Good luck and beware the Madman Marz!

FUCK YES! Now sing that shit, baby!

Lore of the campfire telling of his horror
Lost in the woods with the madman and the stars
Don’t laugh at the tale
Heed if you call him
The legend lives beware the Madman Marz
THE LEGEND LIVES beware the Madman Marz

Rejoice! New Madman DVD on the Way!

Uncle Creepy

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  • Masked Slasher

    Madman is unbelievable.

    I was lucky enough to catch a 35mm screening of it a few years back and, believe me, it plays SO MUCH BETTER on the big screen.

  • James Coker

    I’m still waiting for Code Red or Anchor bay or Someone to do a special edition DVD of “Night of the Demon”

  • doubleh55

    Madman Marz vs Victor Crowley. Who wins?

    The design of Crowley has to have been based, in part, on Madman Marz (if not 100% entirely)

  • Terminal

    I did not enjoy Madman.

    • Uncle Creepy

      You don’t enjoy anything. LOL

      • Terminal

        I enjoy fine wine, fine arts, and fine women… and turkey.

        • Pestilence

          Turkey…the most underrated of meats. Most people just don’t know how to cook it.

          As far as Madman goes, it’s enjoyable enough but I don’t think it deserves the total cut accolade it gets.

          • Terminal

            I could eat Turkey everyday.

            Turkey club? Not so much.

          • LifeMi

            Turkey is one of the best meats but most of the time I get to eat it (primarily around the holidays) it tends to be dry as the sahara. Perkin’s has some good Turkey. Anyway, I have Madman on my DVR and intend to watch it ASAP.