DS Owners About To Enter Dementium II

SouthPeak Games announced that February 16, 2010, will see the rise of the hugely anticipated sequel to Dementium: The Ward, appropriately titled Dementium II.

This survival horror FPS promises to still give you “holy shit” moments while adding new gameplay elements, weapons/dual wielding items, and all new environments to play in while still keeping that nice mix of FPS action and puzzles with a decent storyline and creepy as fuck places that made the first Dementium so popular.

DS Owners About To Enter Dementium II

In Dementium II, you are William Redmoor, recent (read: forced) recipient of a radical brain operation and a current inmate at the Bright Dawn Treatment Center for the Criminally Insane. You don’t remember a whole hell of a lot, your wife and daughter were murdered, and all signs point to you as the killer.

The Doctor’s experiment fails, leaving demons you thought forever gone (along with some not-so-fun images from your past) coming back to haunt you, and a Doctor you’re not sure you can trust. So, basically you’ve got to survive the onslaught of horrific beasts, stay one step ahead of the Doctor, and get out with your life (if you can)!

Features include:

  • An unforgettable horror experience brimming with high-intensity sound effects, foreboding atmosphere, and bloody nightmarish environments
  • Multipurpose weapons allow you to dispose of enemies and obstacles
  • Revamped equipment system allows for quick and easy access to weapons and items
  • New save system featuring both manual and auto-saves
  • Explore the Bright Dawn Treatment Center and its surrounding areas while encountering horrifying creatures and solving twisted puzzles
  • Three difficulty settings separate the victims from the victors
  • Test your wits and nerves by encountering endless waves of enemies in Survival Mode
  • New gameplay mechanics create an all-new experience in horror on DS
  • Also … the game is made for a F’IN HANDHELD, people. Srsly?! Want.

    Okay, back to normal English. While the US release for Dementium II is February 16, 2010, Europe has to wait a wee bit longer as the game will be released there two weeks later on March 5, 2010.

    We all go a bit mad sometimes … you ready for your turn?

    Peep the trailer!

    Crix Lee

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