Denis O’Hare Drops Some Hints About True Blood Season 3

denisohare - Denis O'Hare Drops Some Hints About True Blood Season 3Denis O’Hare has a pretty big movie opening this weekend, Martin Campbell’s Edge of Darkness starring Mel Gibson, but during the red carpet premiere just about all anyone wanted to talk to him about was True Blood, in which he’ll be appearing as the Vampire King of Mississippi. Read on for a few of the scoops O’Hare provided.

About.com posted a video you can watch for all the details (just click the preceding link), but here are some highlights:

Are you as evil as they say you’re going to be?

Denis O’Hare: “No! I’m charming. I’m not evil – I’m charming. I’m the Vampire King of Mississippi. And I actually got my fangs today.”

Are we going to see you sucking on people?

Denis O’Hare: “Definitely. Yeah, definitely.”

Okay, but they say you’re the big villain…

Denis O’Hare: “No. I have a point of view. I’m for vampires, and I want them to get their rights. I want them to be preeminent, and I’ll do what I have to do to make that happen.”

And it doesn’t matter who you kill to do that?

Denis O’Hare: “It’s not about killing; it’s about persuading. I’m very charming.”

You’ve already filmed two of them… Have you been terrible in those, or are these good scenes? What are you doing?

Denis O’Hare: “They’re fantastic scenes. The writing is unbelievably good. You know what’s great about it is that even though you’re a vampire, you’re human. And so I had this great scene recently with Vampire Bill [played by Stephen Moyer], and it was a scene between two people talking about the people that they love and what you do with that love. Because my boyfriend in the thing is 700 years old … I’m 2,300 years old, and we’ve been together for 700 years. And I have this great line where I say, ‘Spend eternity together – that’s commitment.’ But, you know, the script is deep. It’s not just frivolous, and I love that about it.”

That’s exactly what we love about it, too, Denis! True Blood returns this summer. Keep it here for more Season 3 tidbits and teases as they come!

And be sure to visit About.com for the full interview, in which we learn whether or not we’ll be seeing the Vampire King of Mississippi naked!

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