Twilight in Forks DVD Release Details

Twilight in Forks DVD DetailsBack in September Summit Entertainment snapped up the rights to a documentary about the real-life Forks, Washington, the teeny rain-soaked logging town that Stephanie Meyer used as the setting for her uber popular tweener series. Now, finally, they’ve revealed the details of how they’ll be distributing it.

In a move that will surely surprise no one, the 77-minute doc is being released on March 20th (the same day as the New Moon DVD) and is now available for pre-order. Here’s the synopsis:

The definitive DVD documenting the town of Forks made famous by the Twilight books and movies. This is your opportunity to see the town that Stephenie Meyer based her epic teen romance books on. Hear from the real people living their lives in the town fans know and love, including the Chief of Police, the Forks Outfitters’ employee who gets mistaken for Bella, and the vampire transplant who plays the real-life role of Alice. Visit Forks High School, hear self-described Jacob’s grandfather tell the legend of how the Quileutes descended from wolves, and see many more of the people and places that make Forks and La Push the perfect setting for The Twilight Saga.

For an idea of what to expect, check out this early teaser trailer:

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

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  • Terminal

    Are they going to address how the books are basically Mormon propaganda?

    • Morgan Elektra

      I wasn’t aware that vampirism was part of Mormon doctrine. Interesting.

      • Terminal

        Actually it really has nothing to do with vampirism. I’ve read some interesting articles that claim the books are subtle takes on mormonism promoting the religion. Meyer is mormon after all. A lot of what I’ve read has made a lot of sense, but she’s obviously not the first author to push their views through their fiction.

        • RingoJ

          Fucking Mormons.

          • Terminal

            I don’t mind the Mormons. They’re easier to stomach than the Scientologists.

            Oh shit, now I’m being sued.

          • The Woman In Black

            I knew someone would bring up the Scientologists! lol You cannot believe the amount of mail UC & I get from them now that we’ve moved back to SoCal. Literally piles of it every week. And not just cheap flyers either but glossy, full-color, bound magazine type stuff. It’s unreal how much money they must be spending on it.

            As for Twilight’s Mormon connection, I tend to agree with this comment I read while doing a little research about it: If there are no direct references, if so many millions are reading the novels without ever seeing the connection, then is there really any harm done? Seems to me people can find propaganda wherever they look for it, but if it’s not really influencing anyone, then is it of any consequence? I tend to think not.

          • Terminal

            Just because there are no direct mentions of it doesn’t entirely mean people are pulling the hints out of their asses. And yes, these novels are influencing millions of girls and I think it’s a bit of an underestimation if you or others suspect no one will catch on.

            Like I said she’s not the first to inject their religion in their work, and she won’t be the last, but to pretend the book does no one any harm and to pretend no one has caught on yet is pretty much ignoring the elephant in the room.

            Regardless the articles I’ve read have made it pretty clear Meyer has implanted much of her religious views in to the work.

          • Floydian Trip

            You’re talking about teenage girls for the most part, I hope. Unless they are Mormons I highly doubt most of them even know what it is. Anyway, it pisses me off that Twilight music made it on to this Definitive Horror Music Collection. It’s not fucking horror and I wish people would stop associating it with the genre. These are not vampires and werewolves. This is not my beautiful house and my beautiful wife. Ha.

          • Terminal

            You forgot middle aged women. I doubt even Mormons are intelligent enough to notice the apparent religious propaganda passed off as story here.

          • Floydian Trip

            The thought of middle aged women getting into Twilight is creepy.

          • RingoJ

            I like getting into middle aged women.

          • Morgan Elektra

            Well, all I can say is that I know relatively little about the Mormon religion and I’ve read the Twilight books, all of them, multiple times. I was not any more or less inclined towards Mormonism after any reading.

            I suppose one could make an arguement (however weak) that Meyer preaches abstinence, based on the fact that Edward and Bella don’t do the deed until after they’re married… But even if that were true, abstinence until marriage is hardly exclusive to the Mormon faith.

            There’s no mention of any religion at all, specific or in general, and only a vague discussion of souls in regards to whether or not vampires have them.

            I can’t think of a single tenet or belief that the books put forth beyond a willingness to sacrifice yourself to protect the people you love, and the importance of family…born and chosen… which is hardly the purview of one religion above another.

            I’d be interested to read these articles, as someone who’s read the books. Got any links?