Aliens Vs. Predator: Hunter Edition to Come Home with a Facehugger

It seems as if video game collector’s editions have zeroed in on gamers’ sweet spots — their heads! Halo 3 had its Spartan Helmet, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had its night vision goggles, and now Sega’s Aliens vs. Predator game has something else to um … wear!

That’s right. Gamers who are willing to shell out the extra fifty bucks for their game (bringing it to a total MSRP of $99.99) will be bringing home their very own fully articulated Facehugger model and more!

This badass special edition includes:

  • Game disc
  • 4 multiplayer maps before they are released to the public:
    * DOCKS: The caustic alkali waters of BG-386 put an end to Weyland-Yutani’s planned shipping activities. But this dockyard soon became a historic battleground
    * OUTPOST: The site of the original Weyland-Yutani colony on BG-386 was abandoned, and soon reclaimed by the planet’s voracious jungle plant life. It is now the perfect hunting ground for all manner of wildlife.
    * MACHINE: As well as processing exotic ores, the BG-386 Refinery provided electrical power to the colonists at Freya’s Prospect. The lights may still be on, but nobody’s home. Yet.
    * HIVE: Deep in the heart of the Freya’s Prospect Refinery lies the Xenomorph Hive. Beware all who enter here.

  • A fully articulated Facehugger model
  • Hardcover AvP graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics featuring the original comic that started it all
  • Weyland Yutani sleeve badge
  • 3D lenticular postcard

    Look for Aliens vs. Predator on February 16, 2010, from Sega on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Windows PC.

    Check out the image below. Click it to see it bigger. Don’t miss out! Order yours today by following the links provided! Holy shit.

    Aliens Vs. Predator: Hunter Edition to Come Home with a Facehugger (click for larger image)

    Uncle Creepy

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