Bad Boys 2, Ken Foree, Ulli Lommel, DC Sniper

Bad Boys 2, Ken Foree, Ulli Lommel, DC SniperNews that Ken Foree is starring in a movie about the DC Sniper shootings would normally prove promising. Except DC Sniper is the latest from Ulli Lommel, the master of plotless, no-budget, factually inaccurate, pseudo-art exploitation flicks about real-life mass murderers. On the plus side, this does not look like the typical artsy-fartsy crappola we’ve come to expect from Lommel. On the other hand, just wait until you see the trailer. Oh, my.

The DC Sniper (also referred to as the Beltway Sniper by the media) committed a three-week reign of terror throughout the DC/Maryland/ Virginia area in October 2002. Ten innocent people were murdered. Three more suffered serious gunshot wounds. It was a feeding frenzy for the media that led to a public panic. The arrests revealed that there were two snipers working together: 42-year-old John Allen Muhammad (played by Foree in the film) and 17-year-old John Malvo. Muhammed was executed just a few months back for his part in the crimes.

DC Sniper will find its way to DVD via North American Motion Pictures on March 16th. I always swear with each passing Ulli Lommel movie that it will be my last, but I will definitely be reviewing this one. Someone else has apparently already reviewed it – sorta – and his quote adorns the cover of the DVD.

“Enemies of the State, Manson, Unabomber, DC Sniper” – Stuart Alson, Independent Film Quarterly

Is that even a statement? That’s just a random series of Will Smith movie titles, real life killers, and the film’s title strung together. Does that tell you anything?

Okay, I can play that game as well.

“The Legend of Bagger Vance, Dahmer, Boston Strangler, Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel” – Foywonder, Dread Central

Makes about as much sense.

That obtuse quote on the DC Sniper DVD case comes courtesy of Stuart Alson, publisher and editor-in-chief of Independent Film Quarterly. Alson was just named the #2 quote whore of the year in’s Criticwatch 2009. An amazing feat; being number two puts him right behind the crown princes of critical quote whoredom: Jeffrey Lyons and Pete Hammond. Well done, sir.

Now feast your eyes on the trailer for DC Sniper and see if you also come away thinking “Enemies of the State, Manson, Unabomber, DC Sniper”.

The Foywonder

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  • Floydian Trip

    I just got done watching the Dracula 3000 level bad ‘The Tomb’.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    Being a Northern Virginia native and living through the sniper shootings; going to be watching this one. Can only imagine how far from the truth this one is. At least he got the car sniping position right….and by the looks it thats about it.

  • The Woman In Black

    This could be one of Foy’s most brilliant stories ever. I’m still laughing ten minutes after reading it!