Birds Remake Director Martin Campbell Flies the Coop

In the case of Platinum Dunes’ remake of Hitchcock’s classic The Birds, you’d think that all the various delays, rewrites, etc., might have the producers reconsidering their plans; but no, it appears to be full steam ahead with the project despite the fact that it recently lost its director, Martin Campbell, to The Green Lantern redux.

Pajiba got the scoop that although Campbell, who’s best known for revitalizing the Bond franchise via his updated Casino Royale, is out, Platinum Dunes has talked to [The Last House on the Left director Dennis] Iliades about taking over the $60 million produced movie, and he’s driving the new direction of the film, which, under Campbell’s direction, was geared toward a PG-13 release. Iliades is more interested in amping up the horror and making it an R-rated affair although at this point they’re looking to do another rewrite tailored toward Iliades’ vision. The script has passed through a lot of hands over the last year, including Scott Derickson’s (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) original take, a studio polish by Billy Ray (State of Play), and Peter Craig, who was hired to do a rewrite specifically for Martin Campbell. Odd that Knowing scribes Stiles White and Juliet Snowden were left off the list, but that just goes to show you how many cooks have been involved in this over-stewed mess! TOO many to remember!

Pajiba also mentions that Naomi Watts, who was attached to star in the film, will probably take her leave as well now that Campbell’s out of the picture.

Only time will tell if this new version of The Birds can come anywhere close to the terror generated by the original, but my money’s riding on Hitch. Just take a look at him introducing the film in the trailer from 1963 – nobody does it better!

Debi Moore

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  • Chainsaw

    This movie has no reason to come out. Absolutely none.

  • Cash Bailey

    The best thing about Hitchcock’s original is that it’s nearly 50 minutes of immaculately-crafted character development and suspense before the first bird attack even happens.

    Now I have the White/Snowden draft of this Platinum Dunes bullshit where it has the classic pre-credits attack sequence, just to wake the shuffling, chattering, texting teenage morons up.

  • Elf

    Ah, Alfred, you were one of a kind. I loved the whole ironic, almost tongue-in-cheek nature he had, especially in this trailer. He had a very wicked sense of humor.