Is The Maker’s Song Vampire Trilogy Heading to Disney?

Adrian Phoenix's The Maker's Song Trilogy Heading to Disney?Thanks to the advent of Twitter, you just never know where news items are going to come from. Case in point? This blurb from Jim Hill Media: “Wine & dine & run for your lives! Mickey may be getting into the blood-sucking business!” Upon further investigation, it appears what Mr. Hill is referring to is a trilogy of books from Adrian Phoenix known as The Maker’s Song, for which Disney has purchased three new Internet domain names.

As explains it: Check out these domain names that the Mouse House registered back on October 1st:


Based on [this] it would appear that Mickey may have an adaptation of Adrian Phoenix’s “The Maker’s Song” series in the works. This trio of books (with the third volume in the series, “Beneath the Skin,” due to hit store shelves on December 29th) details the darkly adult adventures of vampire rock star Dante Baptiste and FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace.

“Darkly adult”?!? Could it be Disney is going to out-Twilight Summit and appeal to both teens AND adults with this new series? Only time will tell, of course, but my interest is definitely piqued!

Here’s a synopsis of Book One from Publisher’s Weekly via Amazon: Set in the brooding New Orleans area long established as the best location for all things vampiric, Phoenix’s lively debut has it all: Rogue [FBI] agents, Bureau-ordered hits, mad-scientist experiments in psychopathology, vampires and fallen angels and a slicing-dicing serial killer. Smart, sexy FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace has been trying to catch the Cross-Country Killer for three years when the trail leads to New Orleans and Club Hell, where Dante Prejean performs with the Inferno, an industrial/goth rock band. Dante is a Cajun and a born vampire whose memories of his terrible past have been erased, leaving him vulnerable to the psychopathic killer, E, who knows all that Dante has forgotten. As E begins targeting Dante’s loved ones, Heather must swallow her skepticism and work with Dante’s vampiric friends and family to save him. Phoenix alternates romantic homages to gothdom and steamy blood-drinking threesomes with enough terse, fast-paced thriller scenes to satisfy even the most jaded fan.

Order your copies of The Maker’s Song trilogy (which, along with “Beneath the Skin” includes “A Rush of Wings” and “In the Blood”) below, and keep it here for more as it comes.

Debi Moore

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