A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer Hits! See Krueger in Our Stills!

The moment horror fans have been anticipating around the world has come to pass: the unveiling of the trailer for Platinum Dunes’ remake of Wes Craven’s classic A Nightmare on Elm Street! Get ready for your fix, Fred Heads!

Basically it’s pretty much what we saw at the SDCC ’09 times ten, and that’s a good thing. From watching you really get the feeling that all parties concerned are doing their best to stay as faithful to the source material as possible. Also a very good thing. Ready or not, Freddy will be coming home on April 30th, 2010, courtesy of director Samuel Bayer.

To further sweeten the pot, we took a couple of stills from the trailer to save you the trouble of pausing at the right time to see Freddy’s new mug. Even lightened one image a bit. Click on them to see them bigger. Dig on everything below and sound off in our comments section! We wanna hear from you! What do you think?

The New Face of Freddy Krueger (click for larger image)

The New Face of Freddy Krueger (click for larger image)

The New Face of Freddy Krueger (click for larger image)

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • ICoNHuLK

    As a FAN OF ALL THE NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Films including Freddy Vs. Jason. Also a fan of actor ROBERT ENGLUND aka ‘The One and ONLY’ Freddy Krueger.
    I think this *new* Freddy crap is a shamble and a travesty and cannot be allowed. To destroy a great name & film. I’m here to announce a boycotting of this movie.
    Everything is all wrong with casting a new Freddy? Why?
    Just saw the new trailer and now even more horrified the make-up are you serious.. What a joke and it doesn’t even look like Freddy? So I beg and urge others to boycott this new fake “Nightmare on Elm Street”..

    • TheFritz

      I agree and have called for a boycott of this travesty as well (see post from Sept 28).

      Since the only thing the hacks running Hollywood understand is money then by boycotting this garbage is the only way to get them to listen and stop bastardizing great films, simply because they’re from another decade.

      Just look at what not patronizing crap has done for such monumental failures like RZ’s H2 and the trumping of SAW by PARANORMAL ACTIVITY this weekend! It’s time for fans to stand up and be heard and STOP SUPPORTING REMAKES!!!

  • AlexanderO

    The Nightmare on Elm Street remake is directed by Samuel Bayer (director of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video), written by the team of Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer, and follows in the Platinum Dunes tradition of bringing back beloved horror icons and….doing something with them. Thus far, Platinum Dunes has had a bumpy track record with bringing these characters back. Their Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake was okay, until the end when Jessica fucking Biel bests Leatherface.

  • Cinemascribe

    I have to say that, if anything, this trailer is highly encouraging. I saw the original ANOES in 1984 at the age of 13. I’ve been hooked since. Coming from that perspective, I appreciate that several iconic moments were incorporated while we were treated to other images suggesting this will be anything but a carbon copy. It looks as if the cast and crew have attempted to create a film that isn’t merely a teen slasher flick, but one that (like the original) plays as more of a brutal ,reality twisting ghost story.

    The first time I watched this trailer, I wasn’t sure about Haley’s voice. Having watched it and heard his last line several times now, I’m warming up to it. The line “this won’t hurt…. one..little..bit..’ is actually pretty creepy under the circumstances and it hearkens directly back to the Fred Krueger who played sadistic cat and mouse games with his victims.

    It doesn’t hurt that Haley put his own stamp on the character. He should. Robert Englund was the original and always will be, but it’s like the James Bond syndrome – you’ve got to move on. This is a new, extremely talented actor putting his own stamp on the role. I want to see how it plays out in it’s entirety within the context of the new screenplay before I make any judgment calls. So far, it looks as if Haley really is giving a legitimate performance and not just phoning it in. Anyone else catch that post-burning Krueger’s body language throughout this trailer is spot on? If I fell asleep and ended up in a weird dream with this guy staring me down, it would scare the hell out of me.

    I’m still not 100% sold on the notion of Krueger being wrongly accused. The enactment of the mob violence we see at the opening is the best visualization of that incident I’ve seen in the series thus far, but I’m not sure how to feel about portraying Fred Krueger as an actual victim. On the one hand, one of the most horrific aspects of the original incarnation of the character is that he was pure evil even before he became a ghost..unrepentant of his hideous crimes.

    On the other hand, the creepy horror classic “Candyman” featured a vicious , murdering shade who was unjustly murdered and that movie worked just fine-so there is a precedent for success with that variation on the formula. I want to see how they play the story out before assuming it will dilute Krueger’s impact.

    About the makeup: This is what a real burn victim looks like, folks. That’s not an opinion.I’ve seen severely disfigured burn victims up close and the image above is a hell of a lot closer to reality than what the talented David Miller or Kevin Yagher ever gave us.

    Final thoughts: The trailer has already grown on this particular fan. It teases an engaging and memorable characterization by Jackie Earl Haley and suggests an attempt has been made to give fans a classy, polished horror film with some decent scares that makes the story it’s own while honoring the original. This really does feel like the preview for an Elm Street film.

    • ICoNHuLK

      Sorry but ‘No’ ‘Nah’ Doesn’t even look like Freddy… Are you serious the make-up is almost as depressing as the new casting of a new Freddy w/o Englund. Which is what we have.. He’s supposed to be a ‘Dead’ Burnt guy not a live and well and just burned.. And you say your a fan of the old films? How can you dog the make-up artist with what they had to work with?? That doesn’t make sense….

  • Spaceshark

    You know what would be great? If everyone laid off the caps lock. Just, really. It’d be great.

    • PelusaMG

      WELL SAID!

      • Rottenjesus


        • Spaceshark


          • PelusaMG

            STOP WHISPERING!

  • maikii

    You know what? After looking at it more, this representation of the character doesn’t even deserve to have the name “Freddy Krueger” attached to it. Therefore, I’m dubbing him Walter Hambone. And honestly, I don’t even know if he deserves a name THAT cool.

  • ItsATrick-GetAnAxe

    Problem with horror is everyone thinks its a sub-par genre so they can shit all over it. That and kids now at days don’t go to see horror to be scared, they go see it on Friday to kill time. If a remake is done, fans either want an exact copy of the original film( But why bother, its been done once) or are pissed its an huge departure from the original(Then it really could have been made into an original idea). It really comes down to Hollywood just being a blatant money making machine. It used to be kind of hidden because certain directors valued good acting, mood, etc. Now with shit like Transformers 2 its a bold caps cash in. When it comes down to it, Trick ‘R Treat will always be set back in favor of remake of JHorror movie #57.

    As for the trailer, looks slick as hell, and the whole did Freddy do it? thing is going to be a resounding yes answer. “No I’m innocent. And to prove it, I will murder your kids with a giant knife hand.” Not quite a cry for retribution.

  • Rottenjesus


    Seriously, PD hasn’t done justice to the originals by their shitty as hell remakes and they never will.

    How can two different studios fuck up three classic 80s horror icons? Oh yeah, by hiring MEDIOCRE WRITERS AND DIRECTORS WHO DON’T KNOW ONE BLOODY THING ABOUT THE GENRE!

    HATCHET & WRONG TURN 2 are recent examples of slasher films that are fun as hell and are made by people who understand what works.

    Whatever. Fuck Platinum Dunes, fuck this shit and fuck the people who made the crappy as fuck Friday the 13th movie a box office smash.


    (This has been a possessed by the Zomwonder post)

    • ICoNHuLK

      Great to meet someone that sees the B.S. Going on around this dump…

  • AriesofPitt

    I was into it. I really was. The trailer wasn’t too bad and I have hope for the entire movie. Then I blew up the still of Freddie. WTF…….are you kidding me? UGH

  • Tshoffie

    LOL after looking at the picture of freddy again…does anyone else think his face looks somewhat like the old preacher guy from Poltergiest 2…im have expecting Freddy to sing God is in his holy Temple LOL

  • nonserviam03

    I figured out why he sounds so off.

    You know when you’re imitating someone’s voice, but you’re kind of making fun of them? That’s what he sounds like.

    • Gus Bjork


  • Tshoffie

    One other thing…i hope one day someone comes and Remakes Gone with the wind wizard of oz and Casablanca and truly trashes those films…im tired of horror classics being Trashed in the name of the almighty dollar…of course hollywood would never allow anyone to Remake those movies…im sorry but this really pisses me off

  • Tshoffie

    utter Shit…i Think Michael bay made it his goal to trash as many classic films as he could in the span of a couple years and he has succeeded in doing so…This Trailer looks like Shit Freddy looks like shit and his voice is not scary nor right for the role.I hope Michael bay chokes on some 35mm film stock and never recovers…fuck you Bay

  • kiddcapone

    Freddy looks like Fire Marshall Bill wearing a hat.

    The bar has been set so low with the Friday the 13th and Halloween remakes, this can’t possibly be WORSE, can it ??? My money is on a perfect Trifecta of shit.

  • LSD Zombie

    Ehhh, that trailer did nothing for me either. I’m assuming they didn’t have the fans in mind when they made this considering that many scenes were lifted entirely from the original.

  • maikii

    Well… this looks like garbage, as expected. Pretty, unrealistic teenagers, ultra clean and flashy cinematography taken right from an MTV music video, and a “Freddy” that sounds like Colonel Sanders and looks like a turtle/scarecrow hybrid. Good job, Platinum Dunes, you must really respect the classics.

  • The Buz

    Yup. He looks like Martin Short in Clifford.


  • Rottenjesus

    Oh look it’s another PLATINUM DUNES remake! I wonder if any good horror movies are opening that same weekend?

  • Emy

    The makeup does not bother me as much as the voice.

    The voice seems so off.

    The makeup, well, after seeing burn victims on TV, it seems to be believable for now. Maybe seeing more of it will show it as bad or good. We’ll see.

    Maybe this movie will have be seen as a “sneaky-sneak”.

  • nonserviam03

    You know… the only thing that I thought might be interesting is Jackie Earl Haley’s performance as Freddy, but after that trailer, and hearing him speak and seeing that makeup… I’m really not liking what I’m seeing. What the hell is wrong with his voice in that clip? It sounds terrible, and as someone said earlier, he looks like the fucking grinch. Usually platinum dunes movies at least look good from the trailer, but not this time.

    Come to think of it, I liked everything else that was going on in the trailer besides for Krueger himself. The one big problem though is I think they might be borrowing from the original a bit too much. I mean, that shot of the claws in the tub looked EXACTLY like the original. If they use moments like that SPARINGLY then it could be a really nice change of pace (as opposed to Friday the 13th), but if those are all over the place then it will not turn out good.

  • Sirand

    Freddy looks like The Grinch.

  • TheFritz


    This is an absolute travesty of cinema in every possible way! Endorsing this tripe is the same thing as telling Hollywood to come into your house and steal everything you own so they can continue to finance giant frigging turds like this!!!

    I’m done trying to figure out Michael Bay’s obsession with the obliteration of all things film pre-2000, especially when the mindless sheep keep filling the theaters for his dribble. So I’m taking a stand and putting out an open call to any self respecting horror fan to stand with me AGAINST THIS KIND OF SHAMEFUL WASTE OF MONEY AND BOYCOTT THIS FILM!!!

    I have only one thing to say to any fan that is excited about or endorses this film:


    • Tshoffie

      Dude im right there with you…im tired of this shit as well…i miss the good old days when creativity and originality was still around… god bless the 70s and 80s.its just a shame that the Prick Michael bay is destroying everything that was good

  • The Butcher

    casting doubt as to wether he is guilty or not isn’t a bad thing at all.

    Is he?

    Isn’t he?

    I read the script. It all works out in the end nicely.

    • The Woman In Black

      I kind of like the idea of ambiguity also. But then again, I’m a big fan of shades of gray in my villains and my heroes. Cut-and-dried can be so predictable and boring.

      • AriesofPitt

        I’m very much with you there as far as “shades of gray”. I am also almost always a huge fan of the anti-hero!!!

      • Sandstonesoft

        The problem is with trying to splice ambiguity into source material that has already been done without any. Part of what made Freddy so fantastically frightening in the original is how twistedly sick he was, a brutally violent pervert whose evil was so great not even death could stop it. Now try to frame what you know of him into a typical wrongfully-murdered-man type of storyline. It doesn’t work, any more than trying to make Michael Myers a product of a broken abusive homelife works. It creates something so far removed from the source material that it might as well not even be called Nightmare on Elm Street.

        Think of everything in the first movie that was so unsettling and worked so well. The terrifying opening that immediately knocks you off-balance, the creation of the glove with his moans of pleasure accompanying it in the background, the stalking of Tina with the crying of children in the background. The school dream sequence with the infamous “Come to Freddy” line and tongue flicking. The French-kissing “I’m your boyfriend now” phone. Everything that was horrifying about the original and made the original character what it was is inextricably based in it’s unequivocal sadism and monstrosity. It’s not a film nor a character where the kind of ambiguity you describe fits without the whole thing becoming something else entirely, and IMO, to it’s detriment..

        • Masked Slasher

          Very well said, Sand. I couldn’t agree more.

          I like ‘complex’ characters as well, but I don’t think this is the right way to go here.

  • plagiarize

    DSIC, i don’t know if there was doubt in the first few Elm Street movies, but i think your point still mostly stands. I mean are people genuinely claiming that until they found out he was supposedly ‘a filthy child murderer’ that they didn’t find him scary? We find that out about half way through the first film. It’s scary before we know any of that.

    Because what makes Freddy scary is what he IS. not what he was. he is a nightmare. if he kills us in our dreams we die. we cannot stay awake forever.

    that is and always was what made him scary. not his history.

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    Him saying “I didn’t do anything” or whatever is now proof positive that this is a “twist” on the Freddy character? Has it occurred to any of you that this is a plot device to cast doubt on whether or not he did it? Before the series went further into Freddy’s mythology, we still had no idea if he did it or not because who said he did? Nancy lush mother. We bought it because well, he’s killing kids now, he had to have done it. It was convenient.

    I’m glad they’re trying something different here. I wouldn’t care at all if they changed it because he’s still going to be killing innocent kids which makes him a monster. Though I have a strong feeling that the characters are going to doubt that he did it and try to “solve” the case or some bullshit only to find out he did do it.

    With that being said, the trailer did nothing for me.

  • Rob

    The trailer surprisingly looks decent. It at least looks better shot than alot of PD’s past films. But as we know, trailers can be deceiving. As for the innocent thing, the script I read did have something like that. I don’t know if I should get into spoilers but if it keeps it the way it was in the script, you shouldn’t worry too much. Besides, who here would actually admit it if they were getting chased down by a mob led by a pissed off Clancy Brown?

  • X-Count

    THAT IS NOT FREDDY!!!! Looks like I will pass on this one.

  • Morgan Elektra

    I’m not digging the idea that Freddy might have been innocent either. I don’t want them to play the sympathy card, which they are if the trailer’s any indication. That’s boring. To me, that’s more important than the makeup. Although those few shots do look a little dull as well.

  • MagusMaleficus

    There’s something off about Freddy’s voice; and the more I see of the makeup, the less I like it. I wanna say that I’m willing to give Platinum Dunes the benefit of the doubt, but their track record makes that very difficult. Fool me once, all that jazz.

  • PelusaMG

    This trailer feels like they have done the same thing Rob Zombie did with the first Halloween remake/reboot/re-visioning: They have taken some of the classic scenes/imagery from the original film, presented them in a new ‘grungy’ modern version, and fleshed out parts of the antagonist’s back story. Have to say I do not like the look or sound of Freddy in this trailer, but maybe I’m still too attuned too England’s version of what he should look/sound like to make an unbiased call on that at this early stage. I’ll most likely go and see this, but nothing in this trailer got me thinking this was going to be great.

  • plagiarize

    i don’t mind them casting doubt in our minds as to whether or not Freddy was innocent in his life as a mortal. because even if he was that doesn’t mean he isn’t a murderer since passing over to the other side… which he clearly will be.

    maybe the parents turned him into the monster he is now. maybe he always was the monster he is now… the key thing for me is that he seems to be the monster again. this Freddy looks like the Freddy from the first. the dark freddy that just killed people. the fucked up guy with the twisted sense of humour that we didn’t share. that we didn’t laugh along with.

    as to whether the film overall will be good or not… no idea yet. the trailer doesn’t tell me anything i didn’t know. Jackie looks to be playing the part well. Bayer was always going to be great at the nightmare visuals given what he did in his music videos.

    we’ll see.

  • Masked Slasher

    What a bore! We’ve already seen this movie if the trailer is any indication.

    Now, though, the filmmakers have decided to make the audience wonder whether or not Freddy really killed those kids or not.

    If he didn’t, then the filmmakers have completely ruined the most monstrous aspect of the character. If he’s just an innocent man out for revenge, there’s nothing scary about this guy. But that’s typical of modern horror filmmaking in Hollywood … they don’t get it and never will.

    Shocked to see so much enthusiasm for this – it’s slick, but was anyone expecting any different?

  • Spaceshark

    I’m watching it for Connie Britton. Love her.

    Also, is anyone else somewhat mortified at the idea that the remake will have a “Freddy never killed those kids before the adults torched him” sort of twist?

    • Sandstonesoft

      Yeah, i’m not exactly on board with that twist either. I’ll give this movie the chance it deserves on the first viewing, but on it’s face, the story of a brutal child murderer returning to continue to kill kids in their dreams after his lynching is more interesting to me than the innocent-murdered-man-revenge fantasy they seem to be morphing it into.

      Not to mention, if he wasn’t a child murderer before his death, what is the origin of the razor glove? As a first impression the trailer leaves me less than optimistic, but we’ll see. Hopefully the trailer itself is just a bad idea for a pre-release red herring …

  • thedarkestshadow

    I havent watched the trailer yet, dont have the time right now. But from those stills i have to say i do not like the makeup. He does not look scary at all.

  • Styling Shatner

    Is his face supposed to look not scary? I mean, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing that the way his face looks is different from the original but he doesn’t really look like a burn victim to me.

    Also it looks more like a straight-up remake of the first Elm Street from ’84 rather than having it go off in different directions which is what I thought this was supposed to be.

    I’m sure Jackie Earle Haley will do fine as Freddy and I shouldn’t write it off from one trailer but this left me underwhelmed.


    I think it looks like Freddy just might be scary again. And before anyone boo’s Robert England ( which will always be Freddy) is as he himself agrees 62 and is to old to play the part. So Kudos to all and I hope it makes me stay awake for days.

  • mansuave

    That trailer looks good. And if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been burned four or five time already by Platinum Dunes, I might actually be willing to see the movie. Unfortunately for Michael Bay, there’s a limit to my masochism. I’ll pass.