Shellter – More than a Horror Film?

In this day and age you’ve got to be leery when a film tries to garner attention as being “more than a horror film”, right? Especially when the film’s press release also compares it to Saw and Hostel – two very good films but, really, not much more than horror films.

So what makes Shellter special? Read the synopsis, and then you tell me:

A young woman awakens in the medical facility of an old fallout shelter. The Doctor explains an infection has killed most of the population. All that is left are a few lone survivors like herself and the infected.

The Doctor is willing to do whatever it takes to survive, no matter how questionable the acts. He wants the young woman to help, but she is hesitant until she realizes that if she doesn’t do horrible things to others, they will do terrible things to her.

She has to decide what she is willing to do to survive, and the viewer has the same decision: How far would you go to survive? Don’t kid yourself, you’d do anything. Now is your chance to discover this exciting new horror film from director Dan Donley.

So there ya have it. And while I’m doing my fair share of carping, I’m curious to see what Donley can bring to the table since so many of his peers have already upped the ante on a subgenre with far more longevity than I would’ve ever suspected.

Click on the image below to see the trailer.

Shellter - More than a Horror Film?


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