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Take Care of Maya doc
May 2, 2024
We look back at a tragic Netflix documentary about a family’s experience within the deeply flawed medical system.
March 21, 2024
We take a look at a Netflix original doc that chronicles the irreperable consequences of not believing women.
Crazy Love documentary
January 12, 2024
We look back on a harrowing true crime doc that recalls a love affair that should have never been. Get the full story at Dread Central.
True Crime Documentaries
December 21, 2023
We take a look back on the top ten streaming true crime docs of 2023. Get the full rundown at Dread Central.
Deliver Us from Evil Doc
December 21, 2023
We look back on a true crime doc that exposes the shocking truth about the Catholic Church and its representatives.
Hail Satan doc satanic
December 8, 2023
We take a look at ‘Hail Satan’, a documentary that makes a case for how The Satanic Temple is making positive social change.
The Last Stop
December 1, 2023
We take a disturbing deep-dive into an under-seen documentary on Prime Video that exposes a bizarre and abusive youth program.
Hell House doc
November 2, 2023
We take a look at a disturbing doc that profiles a religious haunt that tries to scare people into the arms of the savior.
The Cannibal That Walked Away
October 26, 2023
We look back on The Cannibal That Walked Free, a documentary about a murderous cannibal who evaded the consequences of his deadly actions.
October 20, 2023
We look back on a doc about a man that endured life in a religious cult over the course of more than two decades.
The Family I Had
October 13, 2023
This dark documentary streaming on Prime Video tells a horrific tale of a family torn apart by murder. Read more on Dread Central.
September 15, 2023
We look back on a Netflix 2020 true crime doc and make a case for why it makes for essential viewing. Get the full story at Dread Central.