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Elementary, My Dear AsylumLater this year we’ll be getting the Guy Ritchie directed Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. as a more caddish, bumbling, action-oriented world’s greatest detective than we’re used to seeing.. Opinions have already been quite mixed on this new action-comedy Hollywood take on the usually sophisticated and literate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creation. What will the purists say when they find out The Asylum is getting into the Sherlock Holmes game?

Production has already begun on The Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes starring Gareth David-Lloyd of “Torchwood” and Dominic Keating of “Star Trek: Enterprise” with a January 27th, 2010 DVD release date already set for the film’s release. So what great mystery will The Asylum have Holmes unravel? Probably the mystery of how he went from being the world’s most famous detective to a Van Helsing-style monster fighter. At least that’s what the one sentence plot synopsis makes it sound like.

“Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective faces the ultimate challenge when enormous monsters attack London.”

Sherlock Holmes, monster slayer. Who wants another snooty Sherlock Holmes mystery when you can have him and Dr. Watson make like Buffy and Angel? Maybe they can take it a step further and have Holmes’ cocaine habit affect him in much the same way as Popeye’s spinach.

Better yet, if these enormous monsters are Godzilla-sized, have his pipe double as a Beta Capsule that can transform Holmes into a giant-sized “Ultra Sherlock” with three minutes to use his powers of deduction to outwit the monsters before London’s fog drains his powers. I’d be all over that.

I look forward to The Asylum eventually delving into Agatha Christie territory with their own version of Murder on the Orient Express. Spoiler: The Orient Express did it. The train was actually a killer Transmorpher in disguise.

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  • resevil80

    By trying so hard to be serious with the outlandish set-up…

    I’m so hungry..I could eat a Jeezus!

  • Gus Bjork

    The real mystery Holmes will need to solve is, with such a bizarre and outrageous set-up, how will the Asylum turn into a unwatchable bore?