Jennifer’s Body Makes a Disappointing Debut

Jennifer's BodyProving unequivocally that yes, female filmmakers (even one who’s won an Oscar!) can make just as crappy a movie as their male counterparts can, Jennifer’s Body (review here) tanked at the box office, coming in a mere fifth place with a measly $6.8 million (estimated). Hell, even H2 managed to cough up $16 million during its opening weekend!

Body‘s poor showing is obvious when you break down the numbers (courtesy of Box Office Mojo): 2,702 theatres, $2,517 per screen. The most comparable other premiere this weekend, Soderbergh’s The Informant, earned nearly double that: 2,505 theatres, $4,210 per screen.

THR states that 20th Century Fox had expected Jennifer’s Body (which cost $16 million to make) to open at No. 2 in the mid-teen range. Something tells me the company Fox, as opposed to the starlet Fox, isn’t getting a “wetty” over the film’s performance.

By Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

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  • Avid Fan

    That’s too bad, I saw it over the weekend, and although it’s no life changing film, it’s plenty fun and full of weirdness and witty banter. It’s an excellent pop-corn movie.

  • thedarkestshadow

    I wouldn’t call it heavily marketed. If it wasn’t for this site and a few forums I would never have known about it. I’ve seen maybe 2 tv spots for it.

    • xfoley8

      Maybe it’s the area you’re in. I’m near Boston, and I saw promos for the film during just about every commercial break for any given tv show I watched. Got to the point I changed channels every time I saw Fox opening her toothy jaw. Excessively promoted, I’d say- both the film, and Fox’s status as the next “It” girl. I’ll watch it when it comes to cable, but you couldn’t get me to fork over $10 to see it in a theater.

      • Kyle Reese

        Yup, I think I’ve heard “I’m not going to biiiiiiteeeee yooooouuu” fucking 50 times last week! I definitely saw the commercial almost every commercial break one night from 7pm-9pm, no BS. I suppose the east coasters are being treated to majority of the marketing ;)

        • Avid Fan

          Got a ton of advertising out this way as well in the Seattle area as well.

  • hegemon13

    Bummer. I haven’t seen the film, but it does not bode well that a second original, heavily-marketed horror movie tanked at the box office (the first being Drag Me to Hell). Looks like nothing but more remakes, sequels, and prequels for the next few years. Isn’t horror supposed to do well in recessions/wars/other trying national times?

  • PelusaMG

    Wow! I am VERY surprised at that… I thought it would have done at least $30 mil this weekend. I wonder why it tanked… Maybe someone has been selling bootleg copies of the film on the street? ;-)

  • Nomad

    I realized Cloudy was going to be number one at the box when people at Monster-Mania cleared my table of even BOOKMARKS with the title and art from that film on them. Crazy.