Exclusive: Patrick Lussier Confirmed to Direct Halloween 3D

Exclusive: Patrick Lussier Confirmed to Direct Halloween 3DAfter weeks of speculation we can now confidently report that the person taking over the reins of the Halloween franchise will be none other than Patrick Lussier, director of My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Halloween 3D is going into production early this November for what we can only speculate will be a late summer release. Which brings us to another question … What does that mean for Lussier’s recently announced Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage?

Rest assured that film is very much still happening. A trusted source close to the production of both films has told us exclusively that the two projects are extremely important to Lussier and company, and production of Drive Angry will begin immediately after Halloween 3D is completed.

In fact, production on H3D isn’t affecting Drive Angry in the slightest bit because the Cage vehicle was always scheduled to begin filming spring of next year. Lussier can still hit that without a hitch. Halloween 3D has simply slid through the perfect window for the team working on it, and that’s a very good thing for us fans.

With Lussier now on board, you can bet Todd Farmer will be writing the script for H3D, and that too spells win. With My Bloody Valentine the pair proved that they know not only how to do 3D, but how to successfully revitalize a slasher film.

And let’s not forget … this isn’t Lussier’s first trip to Haddonfield as he served as editor on Halloween: H20. He knows the character, knows the series, and respects the power that it has amongst the fan base.

Finally Michael Myers will be coming home again in what I can only imagine will be top form, and we will have our franchise back. I almost feel as if we’re waking from a bad nightmare. Look for more including the official announcement soon.

Uncle Creepy

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  • Floydian Trip

    I have a love/hate relationship with the horror genre. While there’s nothing I love more than a good or truly great one there’s also nothing I hate worse than a bad one. I hate remakes/retreads with a fiery passion and I don’t give a damn who directs them. I realize I’m not the most objective person when it comes to slasher flicks or Halloween since I hate every one of them except for JC’s but are times really this desperate? It really bothers me that supposedly hardcore/diehard horror fans however you want to say it get this excited for something so unoriginal and pathetic. Just looking at the possibilities out there that will never happen for adapting great novels into horror films makes me sick. I also think about The Burrowers and get pissed off. Not only did that movie not get a theatrical release but no Blu-ray either and to add insult to injury you can’t even get it in a store you have to order it online. That’s fucking sad and makes me feel bad for guys who truly want to take a chance and create something original. Trick r Treat is the same way although at least that’s getting a Blu-ray. I also realize that I’m not going to be forced at gunpoint to watch this movie and I gaurantee that I will never see it but it still angers me just the same. Horror really does suck most of the time so I can’t even blame people, like most of the people that I know, that look down on the genre and couldn’t care less about it. I don’t even know what my point is. I’m just pissed.

    • TheFritz

      I think I know why you’re pissed, because I’m pissed for the same reason:

      Horror is my favorite genre, so it infuriates me that the “standard” for that genre is “supposed” to be movies like this POS, which have all of the big Hollywood money behind them (don’t forget that in today’s game the P&A or marketing budgets for these films usually equals what they cost to make).

      When most of these “standards” turn out to be just “TURDS” is bad enough, but when the entire viewing audience is fished-in by fancy advertising and these movies end up being profitable, it only makes the executives think they really know what the people want, when all they’ve really done is prove how effective marketing is on the masses.

      Here’s the thing that REALLY ticks me off! Not that the public gets fooled into going to see these dung-heaps, but that, once they’ve seen the offenders in question, they continue to allow the marketing to influence them into ACTUALLY BELIEVING they enjoyed the films and then they tell their friends to go see it, etc, etc, etc. How many posts have we all read online stating “Well, I liked it at the time, but after I had a chance to REALLY think about it…” Meaning they never “thought” about it in the first place. They just let the fantastic ad machine guide them into the slaughterhouse one more time, making another waste of money, time and celluloid a “hit”.

      Hence why every frigging Hallowe’en I have to see ads for yet another installment of the ever-so-clever-and-scary SAW franchise that hasn’t EVER seen one cent of my hard earned money.

      The cure to this calamity? Simple, BOYCOTT!!!

      It’s the only way to get studios to listen, hit ’em where it hurts – their wallet!

      I only hope the rest of the sheep wake up in time to avoid the air-gun to the head this year so maybe, JUST MAYBE, I can go see an actual HORROR MOVIE for Hallowe’en instead of more torture-porn garbage that has the re-watch value of the dump I took this morning.

  • traumahound00

    Man, why don’t you lick the guy’s balls while you’re at it?

    And you’re still gonna jump all over every little piece of news about every upcoming Rob Zombie movie that comes down the line.

    Such a hypocrite.

    • Styling Shatner

      Don’t you know that they’re going to treat everyone fairly, despite what they may say sometimes on podcasts and other outlets, because of the fact that they want to cover all avenues of horror AND because they don’t know what may or may not end up being good? As they said on the latest DFF they didn’t know how H2 would turn out so they might as well cover all news for it?

      As for this bit of news, I enjoyed MBV3D, although I haven’t seen it on DVD since it’s come out, and I have no idea how it is in 2D. I wouldn’t say that him directing this means too much except that the 3D effects should look good. I mean, it depends on the script and if it’s worth a darn or not. I’m sure it’ll be different than the vulgar white trash-fests we’ve gotten with the last two, but it could still be pretty asinine and not something that we would like.

    • Uncle Creepy

      It’s not about licking anyone’s balls there, slappy. I’m expressing my excitement over having one of my most beloved characters come out of the damned homeless shelter he’s been living. Hell, at this point after the remake and the sequel to the remake I’d even settle for a halfway decent movie, for Christ’s sake. The possibility alone is exciting.

      As for Rob Zombie’s future projects, yes, we’ll cover them. Why? Because it’s news, and that’s what we do. No hypocrisy at all.

      Now then, you seem like the type how about a good old fashioned … “HELL YEAH!”?


        Hell Yeah!!! I’m there with you creepy. I am totally excited about this. No more Hobo Myers, I support this new 3D Halloween project 100%. We didn’t wake up, we just came out of a coma

    • Sandstonesoft

      Rob Zombie fucked up his attempt at remaking Halloween, one of the classics of the horror genre. Twice. Patrick Lussier actually made a watchable film out of his remake of MBV, which in it’s original form was positively atrocious.

      So to simplify, in deference to your obvious lack of intelligence, Rob Zombie turned a classic into crap and Lussier turned crap into something worth checking out. Therefore, it’s not hypocritical at all to be excited about the news.

  • TheFritz

    I love all of the accolades for getting Michael Myers back “home again” considering he’s been living on skid row since H20, and that was only remarkable because it got the Kevin Williamson treatment back in the days that he could actually write!
    How about let’s quit beating dead horses and spend some of that ridiculous Hollywood money on, oh, I don’t know, maybe AN ORIGINAL STORY FOR A CHANGE!

    • Uncle Creepy

      I agree Fritz, but unfortunately remakes and sequels also equal box-office dollars so like it or not we’re stuck with them. Hollywood is also feeling the crunch of the economy. No one wants to invest in anything but a sure thing. It’s sad and it sucks. We can only hope things get better soon.

      • TheFritz

        I think we can do more than hope; the patrons can stop giving money to these dregs of cinema, just like in H2’s case (and now that Skinemax remake called JENNIFER’S BODY). The scales are tipping back in the other direction, probably due to said economic hard times. The audience is more discerning with their dollars and becoming much less tolerant of sub-standard entertainment.

        What we need are more HATCHET’s and fewer hacks (I’m talking to you, RZ).

        Either way, keep up the great work. DC rules!

        • Sandstonesoft

          I agree, and i really hope people support the shit out of the dvd release of Trick r Treat and the theatrical release of Paranormal Activity. The only way to turn the trend is to stop putting money towards the remakes and the yearly Saw abortion and put it in the pockets of the movie distributors that release original material. If a studio takes a chance at giving a low-budget flick with no big names or an acclaimed foreign film a decent release, go see it as many times as your wallet will permit.

          • TheFritz

            A-frikkin-MEN, BROTHER!!!

            Finally, another fan willing to put their money where their mouth is! Stop supporting mediocrity and insist on quality entertainment! Otherwise Hollywood will continue to crank out the same putrescence since all they comprehend is money!

            PS – I can’t wait for both Trick-R-Treat and PA! Let’s just hope they get screenings that people actually have to pay to see.

          • Sandstonesoft

            Yeah, i’m holding out hope that the Demand It for PA really takes off to the point that they have no choice but to release it wide and give it the support that practically everyone who’s seen it is saying it deserves. As for Trick r Treat, hopefully it sells enough dvd copies to give the folks who nixed it’s theatrical release something to think about.

  • PelusaMG

    I personally would like to see Darren Lynn Bousman have a go, but that’s about as likely as The Pope converting to Islam!

  • Floydian Trip

    I don’t understand slasher fans at all. This movie is going to be as forgettable as any other Halloween movie. I didn’t see MBV3D in 3D so I guess I missed the only interesting thing about it. This news gets all these responses and yet a movie announced by Clint Eastwood with Matt Damon that could truly be a classy horror film gets glossed over.

    • PelusaMG

      It is unlikely that those who saw “Halloween: Resurrection” (myself included) will forget it, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons!

    • Sandstonesoft

      I think the fact that there’s still very little info about the Eastwood movie helps to engender that lack of enthusiasm. We know a great director and a great actor are involved in making a movie that reportedly has supernatural elements. Will it be a full-on thriller or horror movie? Will it be more of a drama, except for the fact that ghosts and the afterlife are nodded at and acknowledged? Perhaps a reflective piece on loss and the strain of a man whose experiences force himself to re-evaluate his religious beliefs? There’s still too much that’s unknown about the project to create much more than curious eyebrow raising. The film GHOST could’ve been referred to as a supernatural movie involving big-name actors months before it’s creation too …

  • mansuave

    So… does this mean that Michael’s going to end up being a figment of another character’s imagination?

    Probably not, but I really, really don’t understand how a guy who was able to hack out a thoroughly forgettable slasher retread that really only had the 3-D going for it is now suddenly the savior of the HALLOWEEN franchise. Why does it seem like horror fans love rewarding mediocrity? Patrick Lussier will make a movie that you’ll see once in the theatre and then never think about again. That’s what this announcement says. I’m flabbergasted that we’ve reached the point at which this is considered good news.

    • Uncle Creepy

      After seeing a piss-stained wino with a half a Michael Myers mask wander around the Ozarks, oh wait, I mean Haddonfield, how could this series in ANYONE else’s hands be considered anything less than good news?

      • mansuave

        Well, I actually enjoyed Zombie’s HALLOWEEN II. That aside, however, love it or hate it, HALLOWEEN II felt like it meant something. I just generally have a greater depth of feeling for a film that feels like it has the mark of the filmmaker on it. MBV3-D hangs together better, probably, but that’s about all. It’s an anonymous film with no real style, and if not for the ending pissing me off, I’d remember nothing of it. HALLOWEEN II, however, has stayed with me. It’s the kind of movie that sticks to my ribs, and I respect that quite a bit more than STANDARD SLASHER #847.

        I understand people hating HALLOWEEN II. I get that. And hell, Lussier may knock it out of the park. But based on MBV3-D, it just seems like it’ll be a forgettable, if well-crafted, experience. And I’ve sat through far too many of those.

  • Barrybgb

    It’s time to get excited for Halloween again!. Patrick Lussier is the man to bring Halloween back. My Bloody Valentine 3D was a well done slasher flick with nostalgic 80s overtones and a great sense of atmosphere, look, and style. It also got something slasher films rarely get these days – nice reviews!. I can only assume Lussier will bring back the classic Halloween series and Michael Myers character we’ve been scared by for the last 30+ years. I haven’t been this thrilled and excited with a new Halloween movie in over a decade.

  • nonserviam03

    Hell fucking yeah!

    *does the happy dance*

  • DavidFullam

    At last, thank you God! I can finally proceed. Remember, I called it first. I will be the point man in pointless hatred of the new Halloween…

    Goddamnit to hell, mugga fugga! I don’t want that ass wipe doing Michael Myers! He’ll put Mikey in a miner suit and make him kill with a pick axe. I do not want that iconic image screwed up by some 3D hack like this. Please join me in my petition to stop this film, and if that one fails, join me in my petition to have it re-shot and re-cut by another filmmaker. Your Mama eat kitty litter Lussier!

  • frank_dracman

    I’m keeping my excitement in check, but this sounds like it could be something good. MBV3D was great, but watching it on DVD left us wishing we saw it a second time in the theater. It’s the gimmick that makes these movies work. Watch them just as a movie and the seems show (Final Destination worked wonderfully in 3D, but I’ll never rent it) but if you sit back and enjoy the ride even a mediocre movie can be fun.

  • Floydian Trip

    The original My Bloody Valentine is leagues better than the dull and uninspired MBV3D which didn’t even make the slightest attempt at doing anything new or different. Atrocious writing. I really don’t see what all the excitement is about. Rip on Zombie all you want but at least he made it his own instead of going strictly by the yawn inducing slasher numbers like MBV3D.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Making it his own, doesn’t mean the same thing as making it something that was at the very least semi-coherent and good.

      • Didn’t See It Coming

        First of all Floydian isn’t a slasher film fan at all. At. All. As such, he doesn’t have much to say on the sub-genre. That’s not a knock, but rather pointing out a fact. Much like I don’t like football (hate it, in fact) so I have nothing of any value to say on the subject, one way or the other.

        We all know I never thought Rob Zombie was a good director. And simply saying “he did his own thing” does NOT give him a pass.

        But I just can’t get excited for this news. MBV was FUN in the movies but I’ve had no desire to revisit the movie. I love slasher films and while it was good, nothing much in the story stood out at all. Not exactly what I would think inspires confidence in him taking over the reigns. I do think, though, that his Halloween will be more fun that Rombie’s utter failure.

        • AriesofPitt

          Yeah, I think I really would be happy if they left the HALLOWEEN franchise alone. I will always watch the original I and II every year around Halloween, and pretty much not pay attention to anything else. I do watch the other films if they pop up on cable, but do not maker a point to stick them in the DVD player to sit and watch them.I still haven’t seen Zombies II, and don’t know if I’ll even bother. I would see this though just to see it and hope it is enjoyable to view.

        • Sandstonesoft

          Yeah, i’m with you. I’m not expecting a revitalization of the franchise, but it’ll be a welcome, welcome change to not be ready to fall asleep halfway through the movie. That alone is enough to get me excited after the last two wastes of time.

    • Sandstonesoft

      I could defecate after 5 Fiber One bars and 7 glasses of Metamucil, and it would probably look different than anything you’d ever seen in a toilet bowl before. Doesn’t make it anything more than a big pile of shit.

    • jonny_numb

      Even though I will probably see this, I am in agreement with Floydian. I remember watching MBV3D back in January, thinking it was a very promising sign for the upcoming year in horror. On DVD, the diminished 3D effect just illuminated the film’s flaws (bad acting, bad motivation, bad twist ending), proving that the script was solely in service to the 3D. Compare this to “Coraline,” whose 3D effect plays as well at home as it did in theaters, because it was designed to complement the story, not distract from it.

      As for Zombie, I think he invested a more personal, distinctive vision into the “Halloween” franchise than Carpenter ever did. One of the things I appreciated the most about his sequel was his outright disregard for audience expectation, thus freeing him to deliver something unique and daring.

  • Cash Bailey

    Hell, yeah!!

    Well, this dog-shit of a franchise has got the director it deserves.

  • ryan74

    it’s like a dream that comes true. no more rob zombie shit, just the old loved michael!

  • mikesnoonian

    MBV3D was pretty mediocre, and i say that as a Supernatural fan.

    that said:


  • Blockbuster

    Dude! MBV3D was awesome! It was FUN which is what slashers are all about, and it was the most fun I’ve had with a slasher in years…kinda makes me wonder what they would have done with the F13 remake…anyway…this could be AWESOME!! And I don’t care what anyone says about Jason X either, it was fun…even with Uber Jason…though that was kinda…dumb. We’ll see!

    • PelusaMG

      “Jason X” was directed by Jim Isaac…

      • Kyle Reese

        …Written by Todd Farmer; I think that was the point of the Jason X reference.

        Honestly, that doesn’t exactly spell “win” for me; but at least the series is out of Zombie’s hands.

  • LSD Zombie

    No, for the love of God that does not spell win. MBV3D sucked. It sucked hard. The kills were uninspired, the 3D was lame and the writing was atrocious even for a slasher film. Michael’s body was in the ground. Zombie’s urine marked his tombstone. Just let him R.I.P.!

    I love ya Creepy, but I think you need to lay off the weed.

  • The Unknown Murderer

    Oh have mercy. This is really, really good news.