Make Way for the Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival!

While there’s been no shortage of horror festivals in recent years, it’s cool to see another one taking shape, this one in Seattle, WA. If you’re in the area, or you’re up for a road trip, this one looks like it’s going to be worth checking out!

The Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival (MIFFF from here on out!) is kicking off this weekend, showcasing several independent and international films from our beloved horror genre. You can head over to the MIFFF’s official site for more details, but keep on reading for ticket info and scheduling highlights!

Make way for the Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival!

Friday night we kick things off with the insanely funny and clever (and award winning) The Revenant (review here), which is about two good buddies. One of them just happens to be falling apart due to being a rotting corpse, but friends are friends and don’t discriminate, right? We also have a personal favorite, Pig Hunt, in an encore Seattle screening on Saturday. Sunday we close out with the brilliant documentary Until the Light Takes Us, about the Norwegian black metal movement and featuring the actual godfathers of the scene, many of them speaking on camera for the first time about the infamous events such as church burning and murder that proliferated in their scene back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Then we close out strong with a very special film, the brilliant vampire allegory Strigoi from writer/director Faye Jackson. This film is downright amazing, and if you are anywhere near our area, you need to see this film on a screen.

Also, as part of our short films programming, we are proud to be showing Thirsty by Dread Central’s very own Sirand, aka Andrew Kasch, and Buz “Danger” Wallick. Our guys will be on hand with a Q&A afterwards, so show your support by showing up with a question or two!

Individual tickets will cost you $10 a pop or $30 for a full day of horror on either Saturday or Sunday. A festival pass is available for $65, and that will get you into any scheduled event over the course of the weekend.


* 8:00PM Doors Open / Introduction

* 8:30PM Opening Night Films
o Death In Charge
o The Revenant

* 10:45PM Opening Night Festivities


* 11:00AM Doors Open

* 12:00PM Animation / Fantasy Shorts
o Egg Robot Momo
o Enter the Sandbox
o Gul (Flower)
o Skylight
o The Urge
o X-Mess Detritus
o Sunday
o Firemount
o The Tree Man
o Hart
o Tropezones
o Milbe (Mite)

* 2:30PM Science Fiction Shorts
o The Kirkie
o Enigma
o Greenspoke
o Die Schneider Krankheit (The Schneider Disease)
o Mr. Gun

* 6:00PM Horror Shorts
o aQua ad lavandum – in brevi
o Cheerbleeders
o Dead Bones
o Foet (Director’s Cut)
o Lazarus Taxon
o The Auburn Hills Breakdown
o The Ugly File
o Thirsty

* 8:30PM Horror Films
o The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon
o Pig Hunt


* 11:00AM Doors Open

* 11:30AM Seattle Sci-Fi
o TimeTravel_0
o The Ends Of The Earth

* 2:30PM Fantasy Shorts
o La Glacière Rouge (The Red Icebox)
o Der Weltenbauer (The Builder Of Worlds)
o Badewanne zum Glück (Bathtub To Happiness)
o Fantastic Magnifico
o The Delivery

* 6:00PM Documentary
o Until The Light Takes Us

* 8:30PM Closing Night Films
o Virtual Dating
o Strigoi


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  • The Buz

    I have a beard. Look for me.

  • The Butcher

    For all Seattle area DREAD-ites, I am also the co-programmer of the MIFFF. So find myself, Andrew, and/or Buz and come up and say hello. It would be great to run into some members of the DREAD CENTRAL community!

    And make it to Andrew and Buz’s short film entry, THIRSTY, people. It’s worth the price of admission in and of itself.