Five Clips from Dexter Season Four

On September 27th, everyone’s favorite serial killer will be back on Showtime doing what he does best … hunting down murdering bastards who have somehow slipped through the cracks of law enforcement, and to help fill the time between now and then, we have five clips from the first two episodes of Season Four.

E! Online provided the goods, which also include some “spoiler bonuses”. We’ve included two of them here — hit the link for the rest if you like that sort of thing.

E! has seen the first four episodes and promises that “they equal or top anything that’s come before.” Welcome news indeed to those of us who consider Season Three to be the weakest of the lot.

Spoiler Bonus: Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is actually a darn good dad, but what he’s really having trouble with is “neighbors” and “community.” Let’s just say suburban life and Dexter’s skulky ways don’t exactly fit together perfectly. And at one point, Rita (Julie Benz) even gets a glimpse of how much the real Dexter doesn’t like to play nice with others.

Spoiler Bonus: Oh, Deb. We really hoped Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) was headed toward a more solid, saner personal life, but Lundy’s return means it is not to be. Crazy girl. In other news, look for an unexpected flirtation between two regular characters.

Debi Moore

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