Breath of Hate – Production Video Blog 5

Welcome back, Dread-ites, to The Horror Chick Heather Wixson’s video production blog for Breath of Hate – Day Five. Who knows what mayhem lies ahead!

The cast and crew are headed up to a Malibu mansion to finish out the rest of the shoot. This first day in Malibu was mostly scenes with Jason Mewes so it gave Heather a chance to roam around the mansion and give everyone a taste of the good life (because I know you won’t ever see me living in mansion, not in this lifetime anyway!) We also check in with director Sean Cain and see just how much he appreciates his hard-working crew.

Breath of Hate stars Ezra Buzzington, Jason Mewes, Lauren Walsh, Jack Forcinito, Monique Parent, Ricardo Gray and Timothy Muskatell. The story centers around Love (Walsh), a hooker who wants to leave the business because she’s fallen in love with Ned (Mewes). When Love tells her pimp Sonny (Forcinito) that she’s leaving the business to follow her heart, he forces her to go on one last job before she’s “out.

While on the last job, Love has the misfortune of crossing paths with the wrong group – headed up by the maniacal Hate (Buzzington). Now it’s up to Ned to find Love before it’s too late.

We hope you enjoy Day Five, and make sure to check back soon for Day Seven (no Day Six unfortunately because Heather was obligated elsewhere) of Breath of Hate.

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