Prepare for the Awesomeness of Chihuanhas

Prepare for the Awesomeness of ChihuanhasToday, August 26, 2009, is the day that I write about what will no doubt be the pinnacle of 21st century nature gone amok filmmaking. Here I thought the flying piranhas of James Cameron’s Piranha 2: The Spawning were the zenith of what could be done with piranha hybrids. I was wrong. For what creature is more vicious than a piranha? A Chihuahua, obviously. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Chihuanhas are coming!

I hate Chihuahuas. All my life I’ve had friends that owned Chihuahuas and I’ve never known one that didn’t react to my presence like a dog catching scent of a Terminator. Therefore, I fully endorse genetically crossbreeding those vicious little rat dogs with ravenous piranhas.

It would take a madman to splice Chihuahua and piranha into one. Such a madman is Jim L. Clark, writer/director of Chihuanhas, and an SFX artist whose past credits include being a rotoscope artist on Hellboy and a creature animator on An American Werewolf in Paris.

Undead Backbrain brings word of the film currently in pre-production. Chihuanhas tells the horrifying tale of campers at a pristine lake getting turned into puppy/fish food by a school/pack of cross-bred Chihuahuas/piranhas. A team of misfits led by the lake’s ranger set out to evade and destroy the razortoothed little critters. If the script is as witty or out there as the concept implies this movie could prove to be a ton of fun.

Perhaps even more inexplicable than the notion of man-eating Chihuahua/piranha hybrids, one of the shooting locations is called the Porn Star Campground at Frog Lake. This is an actual place?

Click the brief video below to see some CG conceptual art by Hive-FX of what a vicious, man-eating chihuanha looks like.

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