Fading of the Cries Movie Trailer

Fading of the Cries Movie TrailerWriter/director Brian Metcalf’s horror/fantasy Fading of the Cries is still in heavy post production, meaning that it’ll be a while before we can expect a finished product, but a trailer has surfaced to provide a glimpse of what we can expect.

A young man armed with a deadly sword, saves a teenage girl named Sarah from a malevolent evil that has begun plaguing a small farmland town, while in search of an ancient necklace that had belonged to Sarah’s Uncle. The two set out to get to Sarah’s home safely, running through streets, fields, churches and underground tunnels, while being pursued by hordes of demonic creatures.

Sounds like a fairly original idea, and with a heavy hitter such as Brad Dourif in the cast, there’s at least one reason to want to check this sucker out. Here’s to hoping Metcalf can deliver the goods and make this a satisfying mix of fantasy and horror that delivers on both ends. A daunting task, but someone will eventually get it right! Keep watching this space, we’ll bring you more as we have it.


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  • DeathMonkey

    yeah this is some epic shit! these action scenes look cool as fuck!

    • lonewarrior

      was thinkin the same thing. theres some major battle scenes. This dude Jordan looks like a beastly ass warrior man. some hard shit

  • jarhead

    This looks pretty fucking epic man! I’m so there. Brad is the shit!

    • DeathMonkey

      his voice is killer in this man