The Twilight Saga: New Moon: Jane Tortures Edward

Stephenie Meyer and Melissa RosenbergIt’s been about a month since the first set visit reports started coming in from Summit Entertainment’s Twilight sequel, New Moon, but now finally we’re getting to the meat of the matter. Not only do we hear from book author Stephenie Meyer and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, but we also get a pretty detailed description of Dakota Fanning’s activities as vamp witch Jane, Alec (Cameron Bright)’s twin and a high ranking guard in the Volturi.

Fandango has posted Part Two of their set visit (see the highlights of Part One here), and first up is Rosenberg (pictured right, with Meyer), who has become “really, really aware now in a way that I wasn’t with Twilight of how intense and huge the fan base is. I don’t want to be the woman who kills their beloved book.” Although this movie puts more of Jacob in the spotlight, she promises Edward still has a presence. “I think fans will feel pretty satisfied with what we are doing, one, because it’s true to the book, and two, because we’ll see more Edward.

As for the rumored Volturi fight scene that is a departure from what transpired in the book version, stunt coordinator J.J. Makaro says, “We’re striving for a look of our own. We’re trying to strip down all of the old things that you’ve seen in a vampire movie. If you’ve seen it before, we try to get rid of it … try to figure a different way around it.

But what you really want to know about is Jane vs. Edward, right? Here are the details:

In the scenes we view, she’s using her special gift — inflicting pain on her victims without lifting a finger — on Edward. Robert Pattinson (who is hooked up to wires) is cloaked in a hooded crimson velvet Volturi robe, and his bare chest is partly exposed. As Aro (Michael Sheen) gives Jane the green light to try her power on Bella, Edward runs in front of her and receives the full fury of Jane’s infliction. Pattinson stops in his tracks, arches his head back, and expresses a look of excruciating pain. He lets out a grunt, the wires pull him back, and then drop him on his back. A camera that’s zoomed in on Jane’s face shows her red eyes widen and follow him to the spot on the ground where he falls. She hardly blinks. As Bella begs her to stop, Jane keeps staring, and her lips curve into a faint, smug smile.

Meyer and others watch throughout, mesmerized. After the take, Dakota stops by the viewing area and says “See you tomorrow!” to Meyer. Fanning looks nearly unrecognizable with her pale skin and her hair pulled back into a sophisticated, twist up-do. Her red lips match her wide, blood-red eyes, accented with smoky eye-shadow. She’s wearing a black and purple hooded dress coat with a small cape around her shoulders. After she’s left, Dakota’s stand-in provides a much better look at her paper-thin, pixie-like dress underneath. It’s cream-colored and layered, and she’s wearing white tights and one-inch heeled Mary Janes.

Kristen Stewart and Chris Weitz

The report also includes descriptions of scenes with (1) Bella and Alec that’s a counterpoint to the Edward/Jane torture scene, during which the set was cleared to enable Stewart to focus without so much distraction, and (2) Alice (Ashley Greene) and Edward wherein Pattinson’s robe comes off a tad too much, revealing his chest. Some crew members giggle as someone from wardrobe fixes it and reties the knot. Score one for Team Jacob!

Hit the above link to read the whole thing, and subscribe to the New Moon RSS Feed for up-to-the minute updates. New Moon opens everywhere November 20, 2009.

Debi Moore [photos courtesy of Fandango]

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