Marc Price’s Colin Picked Up for UK Distribution

Colin review!It isn’t every day that a low budget indie zombie flick gets picked up for theatrical distribution, even if it is only a limited 6- to 15-screen release. But when said flick cost less than $100 to make, well then, it’s time for some serious celebrating. Such is the case for Marc Price’s Collin (review here), which is being released by Kaleidoscope Entertainment.

As CNN put it, a zombie movie made using a camcorder for less then the price of a DVD box set is set to be distributed in cinemas across the UK. Colin, made by budding British director Marc Price, will now get its own DVD as well as hitting the big screen in time for Halloween alongside Hollywood blockbusters like Zombieland. “It’s kind of scary in a cool way,” says Price of his success on a shoestring. Price says he spent $70 on “a crowbar and a couple of tapes, and some tea and coffee — just to keep the zombies happy.”

Since Colin’s success Price has been contacted by hundreds of fledgling filmmakers from around the world inspired to try making their own films despite a lack of money. “That’s the best bit,” he said, “that someone like me at 16, wondering how they can make their movie, will see mine and think, ‘My mobile has better resolution than his camcorder.’ Hopefully there’s a chance that other filmmakers will make use of what resources they have to tell the best story they can.”

Colin ingeniously spins the zombie genre on its head by telling the story entirely from the zombie’s perspective. It follows Colin, played by Alastair Kirton, who slowly transforms into a zombie after being bitten. Price says he will be putting his own making-of featurette on the Colin DVD to help young directors.

There are currently no international distribution plans for Colin, but Price is already moving on to the next project, a World War II drama with a horror element. “It’s even got a creature at the end,” he said. The script is written, the cast is in place — they even have a composer. Now all he needs is funding. “We’ll need funding, not much, but a hell of a lot more than for Colin.”

Debi Moore

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