SDCC 09: Rob Zombie Talks H2, T Rex, Superbeasto, and More

San Diego Comic-Con 2009Rob Zombie puts it plainly, “My Halloween 2 has nothing to do with your Halloween 2.” Critics of Zombie’s first Halloween remake were told he did have the original in mind when crafting the film, the result cleaving said critics down the middle. Now we are mere days away from the second coming of Michael Myers, so we sat down with the man behind the new Shape to see what to expect and what else is brewing in Zombieland.

I was just as big a fan of the original (Halloween) as anyone else, so it was hard to distance myself and see it a different way … that’s why this was a good experience for me as I’ve gotten the John Carpenter out of my system, leaving me free to make my own film.” Anyone whose seen the trailer for H2 knows we are in for entirely new beast all together, as Zombie was allowed to put his mark all over the franchise and make the story he ultimately wanted. “The first half of Halloween was very much a film I would make, but then you get into Laurie Strode, all American Girl, and her friends, and that’s Carpenter stuff. Bringing Laurie Strode back after she’s traumatized and all fucked up makes her so much more interesting. The same goes for Annie and Sheriff Bracket. They are all damaged people.” Zombie didn’t plan this return to Haddonfield, but Dimension had a window open, and Rob, feeling protective of the characters he’d created, felt he could take another run at it and close out the story in two parts. There was never a game plan for a series and certainly no eye on a trilogy, so this may very well be the last Halloween (for Zombie that is.) The Weinsteins have even stated they’d like this to be the last, so only time will tell.

The first cut for H2 came in at four hours, so you can bet a lot of what has gotten out from set visits will never see the light of day. One particular instance had Michael Myers speak a single word as clear as day, but Zombie assures us that the moment is on the cutting room floor. He reminds us that the first film was to have a similar moment, and it didn’t work there as well so was cut.

When asked about the status of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Zombie mentioned his new album will be dropping soon, then he’ll tour in support of it, and after the music is out of his system a bit, he’ll jump into the project with both hands. T Rex was supposed to be the next project until H2 presented itself. It has a script and some art direction so far but not much else. This isn’t a horror movie. T Rex is an incredibly violent, gritty, old school 70’s style action movie.

On the topic of The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, Zombie stated the project went on for so long that they just kept working it and adding more funny gags. He started the project while editing The Devil’s Rejects and was knee deep in Halloween when he decided “Let’s add one last gag where Superbeasto hits Michael Myers with his car.” You’ll also see Werewolf Women of the SS, a couple of scenes with Bill Moseley and Sid Haig, and a parade of cameos with actors and actresses reprising their roles as the famous monsters of filmland they are known for. In the world of Superbeasto, iconic monsters walk the streets alongside the human populace, so Zombie and Co. made the most of every opportunity. You’ll even see an appearance by Dr. Satan!

The subject of future projects arose, and Zombie scoffed at the idea of attaching himself to several projects just for the sake of creating a buzz. He’d rather focus on one project, and right now T Rex is his next big thing. He said he’s been offered some big budget projects, but by the time they tap him for it, ten producers are attached already, and he cringes at the thought of all that input being flung at him daily. He also mentioned he’s been offered remakes by the truck load, some of really obscure titles that people would barely remember. He sees no merit in breathing new life into these properties and would much rather forsake the whole lot in favor of pursuing his original ideas. Zombie remarked that he figures ten years from now someone is going to approach him to remake House of 1000 Corpses and it will be an odd situation. Since he owns the rights, I’d say the answer will be “fat chance.


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  • Caterpillar

    “T Rex is an incredibly violent, gritty, old school 70’s style action movie.”

    Sounds like it might have a similar syle as DEVIL’S REJECTS. That’s exactly what I want from Rob Zombie. I’ll probably never bother to watch his HALLOWEENs but T-REX I can’t wait for.

  • pancho

    i’m glad he is making this movie halloween 2 his own movie and trying to copy someone else’s work thats what i think makes this movie looks so good..rob zombie said that this movie will be like what the devils rejects was to a house of 1000 lets all go to support the halloween 2 movie opening night i know i am..

    • DavidFullam

      Other than Drag me to Hell, Halloween 2 will be the only other Summer movie I will have paid to see.

  • PelusaMG

    Nothing new here!