Dinosaurs and a Skunk-Ape Attack in New Trailers

The Asylum has a new dinosaur flick, and a new indie horror sees a skunk-ape battling weekend warriors. We’ve got the trailers for The Land That Time Forgot and Shaawanokie.

First up, The Asylum’s The Land that Time Forgot, a modern adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough’s classic tale of shipwreck survivors stranded on a mysterious island populated by dinosaurs. It stars C. Thomas Howell, who also directs, and Timothy “That’s my Bush!” Bottoms. Well, it does have T-Rexes and pterodactyls. See for yourself.

Secondly, another bit of Sasquatchploitation from indie filmmaker Ryan Workman. Shaawanokie is the Seminole Indian name for the Bigfoot creature said to stomp the Florida Everglades, better known to the white man as “skunk-ape”. The stinky Sasquatch doesn’t take kindly to soldiers on a training mission invading his domain, and none of them listens to the warning of the old swamp urchin when he tries to warn them that smelly swamp apes are not pro-military. This does not go well for them. Have a look.

The Foywonder

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