Predators Go to Texas

Predators Go to TexasFinally Robert Rodriguez has spoken a bit more in-depth about the upcoming reboot/prequel Predators, which will be directed by Nimrod (Vacancy) Anatal. Get ready to dig on the skinny thus far …

Rodriquez recently sat down with the LA Times to dish what dirt there is at this time!

“It’s the story from that script I had written way back then,” Rodriguez told the LA Times. “They had hired me to write a ‘Predator’ story while I was waiting to do ‘Desperado’ back in 1994. It was crazy, this thing I came up with. So then fast-forward to now and, like, six months ago, they found the script and called me up. ‘Hey, we want to redo this franchise and we found your old script. This is where we should have gone with the series! We want to move forward.’ And that’s what we’re doing.” He also stated, “It was this crazy, intense off-world story and there was just no way it could be made. The technology wasn’t there yet.”

Predators will be shot in Rodriguez’s home state of Texas, which will serve the film very well in terms of location.

It’ll be a mix. A lot of location sets and some green scene,” says Rodriguez. “There’s a lot of different places in Texas I have in mind, and we have a great rebate thing there now, only 60% has to be shot in Texas. We’re scouting for locations now. You can find some alien landscapes in Texas for sure. And with the right augmentation, you can make anywhere look like anywhere now.”

Let’s hope Fox stays out of everyone’s way and lets the filmmakers make their movie …. hopefully a good one, too. Lord knows it’s been a long time since the Preds had anything really meaty to stick their wristblades into!

More as it comes!

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