Tiny Descent 2 Poster

Tiny Descent 2 PosterA low-res, tiny sliver of poster art popped up today for The Descent Part 2, and it’s further proof that good things can come in small packages.

The film will be playing at this year’s Film 4 FrightFest, which incidentally is where the poster art came from.

Terror mounts as fear cuts deeper in the chilling continuation to the globally successful horror hit THE DESCENT. Traumatized, Sarah Carter (Shauna MacDonald) emerges alone from the cave system where she confronted her darkest dread. With no rational explanation to what happened, the authorities force her back into the subterranean depths to help locate her five missing girlfriends. But as the rescue party enters further uncharted domains, flashbacks start haunting Sarah as shocking memories of the past hit home. For they are venturing into the habitat of a new tribe of Crawlers, even more viciously feral than Sarah faced before.

Be sure to check out our “>Descent Part 2 set visit for more images and info when you’re done with these! No word on when the sequel will be out here in the States, but as soon as we know more, you will, too!

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  • rupp30

    I’m sorry but I am not quite on board with this. It will take a LOT to get me to like even the idea of this film. The original was a pretty damn good film and bloody as hell, but what made it even better was the “there’s no way out of the cave” ending. Neil Marshall ended it that way for a reason. Why a sequal needs to be made is beyond me…(an extra buck for good old hollywood) FML!


  • MagusMaleficus

    This pretty much negates the better ending to the original which forces you to reconsider what really happened in those caves. Fuck the sequel.

  • AriesofPitt

    I didn’t know much about the first and had read no reviews of it before I saw it. So, with absolutely no expectations going into it, I was really surprised and liked it very much. Seemed better than alot of horror that was out at the time. Oh, and a somewhat original storyline instead of some remake or redux. That’s always nice. SO, although sure a sequel probably isn’t necessary I look forward to it and hope it’s as good as the first. I hope they do something crazy (but cool) with the creatures. I remember when I saw Feast 2, after REALLY liking the first, especially cause you were left in the dark of what the creatures really looked like, I saw them running around in broad daylight and was like WTF………….I thought it was stupid.

  • PelusaMG

    Having Sarah going back into the tunnels after her ordeal, is like having Ellen Brody going to live by the sea in the Bahamas in “Jaws: The Revenge”… I just hope “The Descent: Part 2” does not suck as badly as that movie did!

  • Thamuz666

    i agree, unnecessary sequel but i hope that these Crawlers look diffrerent from the first bunch Crawlers.

  • Blockbuster

    I LIKE that poster. I really hope the movie is as good as the first…

  • Teen-Idol

    That poster is pretty bad. Unnecessary sequel in my opinion, but we’ll see. Maybe it’ll be good 😉